The Magnificent Obsession of Ron Paul

Ron Paul joins Kurt Wallace to discuss his new book Swords into Plowshares where he reveals intensely personal stories of himself. He discusses how war is tailored to special interests and propaganda versus the peaceful nature of people.

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  • John Brown

    Do your best to protect yourself but there is NO safe internet. Our only
    safety is our numbers. VPN’s will turn your IP over immediately to
    authorities don’t kid yourself they did it for Viacom for p2p shit!!

    • David Lopez

      +YouAreOneOfUs I hear you. but we don’t know what happens behind closed
      doors. I feel there were threats or something of that nature. That, and
      like he said he didn’t want to be president. Right?

    • YouAreOneOfUs

      +2ruthfox82 I felt he let us down because he did nothing about the blatant
      voting fraud and the out right lies by the Media. In Iowa they were told to
      make sure Ron was not elected and the person that did this came out and
      admitted it while the election was still going on. I contacted every source
      I could find to inform Ron of all the provable corruption I had seen. He
      did nothing. I tweeted EVERY person I could find that was employed by
      mainstream media and informed them they were complicit in vote fixing and
      fraud by posting lies about the vote counts. They posted numbers that were
      not even possible and I proved it by linking to their own site that showed
      what the caps were. All the major stations pulled their reports on the
      numbers for 16 hours then they came out with a story that stated that a
      Judge had ruled that the News Media was Entertainment and they were allowed
      to lie to further their own personal ideas. Then they all posted false
      numbers again. The reason I bring this up is because I am a nobody and I
      shut them down for 16 hours and then they openly admitted they lie. I sent
      all this to Ron and nothing ever happened. We don’t know the real story and
      he isn’t telling us. He WAS the Re-Founding Father and he let us down. He
      should run again. I would vote for this man if he was 120 and they gave him
      1 day to live.

    • 2ruthfox82

      +David Lopez I’m voting for Rand, and have contributed financially but
      honestly know the establishment has already made their choice….

  • cravin16

    Its upsetting to know how much support Ron Paul had last election cycle and
    Mitt Romney won the GOP nomination. All the fraud, uncounted votes and
    shenanigans to downplay his true support by the GOP did nothing more than
    give Obama another term and fuel more distrust in our voting system than
    any other election we’ve had. The Rep have to be looking back thinking Ron
    Paul would have crushed Obama but they aren’t because they r on the same

  • Fox Mulder

    PRECISELY why people LOVE and respect this man sooooooooooooooooooo much!!

    a man who does NOT want power, nor control people’s lives.

    Running to run away from it…


    an answer only Ron Paul can give!! .oD

    and indeed: the R3VOL Remnants supported the man, PRECISELY because he was
    reluctant, and didn’t WANT the job, per se.

  • wheelmanstan

    if the system wasn’t rigged then ron would have been heard and seen and
    would have become president, that’s all there is to it, to know him is to
    love him, the media blacked him out and somehow the guy that completely
    destroyed kb toys got the nomination, go figure, obviously by seeing what
    ron continues to do at his age we can see how real he was and how big of a
    mistake the american people made, if diebold machines aren’t also
    manipulated, which we know they can be, sry, I sound like a defeatist, rand
    seems very electable in my opinion, comes off very professional like an
    adult amongst children at times on stage and he seems to have more energy
    on stage than his father, but trump is really getting his voice out there
    and competing with him might be the wrong thing to do, if they joined
    forces they might be unstoppable, trump could be a great vp :)

    • kmg501

      LOL, you have got to be kidding me. Webster Tarpley is a socialist, all
      socialists despise anyone even remotely resembling a Ron Paul. Webster
      Tarpley is good on war policy and that’s it. On everything else he is a
      devote socialist.

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