A new series hosted by world renowned Spiritualist and Inventor Sevan Bomar. This volume is designed to give you powerful answers to the most pressing questions you may have in relation to progress on all levels.

Have a great question? Place it in our ask section and we will assist you with it. If its something we feel many want to know we will even address it on the show! You can find the Q & A section on Secret Energy at the link below. Wholeness and Balanced Vibrations!

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  • Nicholas Reed

    You have help me help my self change so much and I am doing very well, just
    so much more in my experience brother, thank you.

  • Grace-naomi E

    I just joined The Resistance. I wish I could express to you personally what
    finding your work has done for my heart. I’ve been on a spiritual journey
    since I was a small child, I just didn’t realize. Multiple traumas shaped
    my thinking in a way I now consider a blessing. Even my “dark night of the
    soul” that nearly took me out, I can now see for it’s light. I’ve been
    committed to my spiritual knowledge for about ten years now but there was
    always a few pieces missing and after so long I would stray from my path
    then come back with renewed vigor. But I was stuck. Finding your work is
    filling in the missing pieces and the gratitude I feel for what you do and
    share has no limit.
    I’m absorbing so much info now that I’ve been approved. I want to reach out
    to people, but I’m still in my isolation-study-search mindset so I’m
    waiting til I feel a more connected inspiration moves me. For now I am
    still figuring things out. But I plan to put in my share of work in this
    So that’s my long-winded way of saying, thank you. Thank you so much. I am
    grateful. And pumped to see a video. xo

  • Innerstanding

    For the brilliant idiots emailing me about the difference between Silicone
    and Silicon they are all Silicates and there is more of a relation then
    just in etymology so no I did not make a mistake here. In addition I notice
    you people only comment about the mistakes, you want to be so special by
    looking for the imperfections in others you miss the message and that is
    your flaw.

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