Christopher Jon Bjerknes – Putin’s Reign of Terror: The Permanent Revolution in our Time

Christopher Jon Bjerknes is a writer and researcher who has published numerous books and articles. He is the author of Putin’s Reign of Terror: The Permanent Revolution in our Time, Albert Einstein: The Incorrigible Plagiarist, and Mileva Einstein-Marity: Einstein’s Partner in Crime.

Christopher returns to offer a controversial perspective on geopolitics, Vladimir Putin, and other related subjects. We begin by discussing Putin, including his background as a KGB agent. Christopher then argues that Putin is sponsoring false flag terrorism in order to make himself out to be a glorious leader. Later, we discuss the possibility of Trump being a Russian agent. The first hour covers much more, and concludes with a discussion on the Alt-Right’s relationship with the Russian president.

In the members’ hour, we first talk about the KGB, and then switch gears to consider Chabad-Lubavitch. This leads to a discussion on Putin’s relationship with the Jewish community both in Russia and abroad. Next, we discuss Zionism and Communism. Christopher then argues that the West should ally with Islamic countries against the forces of Zionism. The members’ hour explores many other topics, including Jared Kushner, China, and the need for a unified resistance movement.

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  • FIPS

    I agree with his scepticism about Putin and the politics of the Kremlin. Russia is no right wing utopia and almost all problems of the the west are even bigger there (muslims, abortions, drugs, economic stagantion,… everything except gays and queers).
    In addition It does not show any actual support for western nationalist. Its action are all along the lines of destabilisations and divide and conquer.
    But Mr. Bjerknes is far to willing to overestimate the power of the “KGB” and Putin, which makes him look ridiculous and leads to a lacking presentationof an important topic.
    (Oh, and there are many people, even inside the Alt-Right, who can not differentiate between trolling and making a valid statement. Be carefull that the shitpost of today does not become the official position of tomorrow!)

  • Martin Gård

    Problem with theory is that there is nothing communist being promoted in Russia right now.. Instead its Christianity and traditional values being promoted.. Opposite of what’s happening in the west.

  • ian ton

    this guy isn’t sure if trump with putin is trying to get nAto to fight islam , aka putin’s islamic terrorists , or putin is creating these terrorist to divert nato away from protecting the west , around the 20 t0 21 minute mark …. then when asked if russia has been fighting isis , says no they created the terrorists ????? shit i thought isis came from mujah hardin aka al ciada invented by U.s interests to fight russia with the afghans , shit isil are even driving U.s hummers left for them by the u.s military , .<<< I can't listen to this guy any more , he seems to dig his way deeper in excrement the more he speaks

  • Charles Steiner

    Christopher Jon Bjerknes. I liked your attack on Andrew Anglin. It’s well-deserved, but why use the Jewish, anti-free speech Amazon to sell your book, Christopher Jon Bjerknes? Barnes & Noble sells your book. But you praise the anti-Revisionist, pro-Israel Amazon online bookstore. What’s your excuse for your lack of integrity about what you are truth-telling?

  • NyandUsaPolitics

    Believe it or not someone told me this same argument back in AOL chatrooms in 2001. Maybe he’s right about russia planning its collapse to try to take over another way.

  • magicwheel1

    I tuned out when he said “Dagestan – did I pronounce that correctly?” I’m not going to listen to an “expert on Russia” who obviously does not speak/read Russian or know how to pronounce simple Anglicized words like this.

  • takethepowerback83

    Nah, all the signals are pointing in the opposite direction. I think what he’s talking about are the globalists, and most of the Russian globalists were kicked out years ago.
    Edit: Does Russia give Israel foreign aid each year?

  • Tin Ribs 1933

    I just don’t know what to make of Putin. I agree with a lot of what he says, but then you hear his constant praising of Stalin and the glory of the old Soviet era and you think meh, same old commie twaddle.

    Plus the usual demonisation of Nazism and Adolf Hitler, which just gets boring because we know much of It Is nonsense. Isn’t he also Imprisoning Holocaust deniers? Very Stalin like, way to go.

  • Max Shine

    And Angela Merkel is using the massive influx of migrants to ignite the flame of xenophobia in the German people in order to then reintroduce Nationalsocialism and make herself the new Fuhrer.

  • BigSmartArmed

    jesus christ what a load of utterly embarrassing ignorant crap. Red Ice, seriously? The very first statement made by that fella is so detached from reality it’s mind numbing.

    Cultural Marxists and National Communists are diametrically opposed factions that killed each other.

    It’s fucking 2017, and it’s utterly fucking absurd that to this day we have total fucking cretins running around yelling The Russians are coming!”

    for fucks sake grow the fuck up already.

    Putin works out of Stalins office, Putin is an admirer of Stalin, Stalin had Trotsky expelled from USSR and later assassinated with a ice pick to through head.

    How in the holy fuck can anyone compare Putin to Marxists? Just how incomprehensibly fucking idiotic does one need to be not to be able to get such simple fucking thing?

    With every passing day I’m loosing hope for the West, this pandemic of ignorance must fucking burn, you lazy ass fucking cretins.

    For Americans not to know the difference between Marxists and Communists is the same as not knowing the difference between Unionists and Confederates.

    Fucking GULAGS were filled with Marxists that Stalin PURGED, ffuuuuuuck I’m so sick of this retarded shit.

    Marxists are raping America everywhere way from Sunday and you dumb ass cretins are still too fucking lazy to spend 10 minutes on reading up about what the fuck it means and why Marxists hate Stalin.

    America = The Ultimate Darwin Award recipient.

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