Manhood Training with Lenon Honor ~ Part 8

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  • Alden Stallworth

    Yeah it’s time to move. I see what you are saying now. My next check I will
    donate, but be safe and peace.嚜

  • Jay Jayy

    it’s crazy how you were filming and that just randomly occurred and also
    now that you’re a older man, why don;t you help your pops be a better
    person.. I could understand if you don;t want to because of the events in
    your early life but why don’t you try to help him get himself together嚜

  • Charles Jackson

    Mentor Counselor, it’s been 5years… I’ve adhered to you faithfully and
    your flute playing soothes my troubled spirit… you are like my father…
    thank you… this is just straight sad what chu and yo family going through
    smh… even though I’m 26, no kids, no wife ect I’m discouraged to witness
    you deal with ANY of these “occurrences of dynamics”… You is such a noble
    but assertive person… and you the only one who could have taught me the
    truest values of manhood… please link me again to where i contribute
    funds… you are a guiding force of light in my life EVERYDAY… please
    continue being you on err level…嚜

  • LigHtThruMusic

    Something good will come from that, if you haven’t already seen it. Im 22
    and the manhood guidance in these videos really helps give me clarity. i
    can tell the documentary you’re working on will be groundbreaking, I’m
    telling folks about it, keep up the great work its been making an impact,
    ill help any way i can, appreciate all you do. much love to the Honor

  • Brown Brother

    Glad you and your family are safe. That was crazy. I understand the reason
    behind having peace in the inside of your house. Because chaos is rapid
    outside. Also, we appreciate the videos. I got a lot out of the series.
    And, I am going to go checkout some more of your stuff online. Peace and

  • Pearleeanne A

    I’m glad that your family wasn’t hurt. That neighborhood is rapidly
    declining -at least it sounds like it. Have you ever considered moving to
    an area of the country where the cost of living is cheaper?嚜

  • Zay Guru Official

    I’ve watched every video since episode 1. Thank you Lennon. The most
    important thing that stuck out to me was from one of your previous videos.
    You were stating how we men have the power to be positive forces on woman.
    Some woman may have had negative relationships with men, and we have the
    power to show them how good a man can be. Instead of trying to get in their
    pants, try to uplift them and be kind. Stuff if hella empowering bro.

  • Lawrence Jones

    Mr. Honor your on point with this series. You should make a book, video
    series, and work book to sell. It would do well. Pleae consider it!! Keep
    up awesome work!!嚜

  • Majesty

    Im 23 dad died before I got to truly know him. Thanks for these videoes
    hopefully I can fully get on the right track soon嚜

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