Under a Chemtrail-Laden Sky

New York Times article: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/04/18/magazine/is-it-ok-to-engineer-the-environment-to-fight-climate-change.html

Frankenskies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNeOTOytEeA


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  • Jon Egelston

    I work outdoors, every day. I have seen this for years. Most people don’t start their mornings out side and get to watch the planes come in, and spray these chemical trails that blanket the sky and last all day long. And their cognitive dissonance is so great, they are terrified to even listen to someone telling them that what they are looking at…..is not clouds. It is because deep down they know there is a good chance you are right. Great video by the way. I hope you reach people with it. I have made peace with friends and family that I can’t reach but do my part with strangers I meet in public and on the internet to spread the word.

  • Mike Davino

    Doesn’t that piss you off. We haven’t had a blue sky in years here in S Florida. 24/7 chemtrail spraying day and night . the more populated the area the more shit they dump!

  • downtongabby

    I have sent email after email to my local City Council about this area being bombarded at least 22 days a month, and do I get a response?

  • Hoosier Flatty

    Who can possibly deny this? Mick West, the patriarch shill of metabunk.org. He scolds those who question the moving globe as well.
    He might be having a conversation on the channel Infinite Plane Society in the coming days. Come check it out Marty.

  • Ian oliver

    This subject always makes me angry. Thank you for this video, every awaken person shod make at least one on this subject.

  • mpflaherty1

    Thanks, Marty.  I’ve lived down here in J’ville (Medford) for the past 15 years and have watched the chemtrail parade growing by the year.  Excellent work, I’m a fan.

  • berserk7111

    on August 7, 1994 residents in Oakville Washington and later in Everette, reported a gelatinous substance raining down on them that made them sick. I think the official story is that the Government was experimenting with super absorbent polymers to combat global warming. Could be a predecessor program to chemtrails. I always thought it was unintentional fallout from a Russian missile that broke up a couple of weeks earlier over the Pacific. It was reported on the news, the Russians where launching old unwanted missiles towards the arctic to get rid of them. I always wondered if they where trying to get rid of evidence of illegal biological weapons. A woman on the Art Bell show said she had the substance analysed and it had human white blood cells in it. Weird.

  • ButIDontWantaGooglePlusPage

    Such a sick, disgusting spirit killer to see that .. as you say you can’t turn off the tube, stop paying attention to the culture and decide to take a pilgrimage to the creation because they slay you there under the bloodied sky .. nowhere to run …

  • Adolf Hipster

    Our planet is ruled under the guidance of masons and satanists…they spray these TOXIC chemicals as a way to suppress our vitality and wellbeing..they don’t want us living healthy happy lives…they want us working 9-5 feeling like shit..we must try our best to be liberated from these satanic monsters and be free..

  • Antipodean33

    The worst aspect about it is these sprays are nano sized. We get it here in little old South Australia in Adelaide. And the thing I’ve noticed here is they are always in the same direction, south west to north east and they start right on the coast and seem to end over the hills

  • causeisez so

    I’ve noticed for a long time they are trailing the sun. I’ve taken enough photos of this during sunset. My neighbor us aware. He walks a lot. I was so.surpeiaed to learn my neighbor knows. I’ve shared Matt Landman’s page with him. Crrow777 podcast with Matt too. One person I know of in this city who is aware.

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