Freemasons and the Bible, Why The Vatican Created Islam! Jonathan Gray

Freemasons and the Bible, Why The Vatican Created Islam! Jonathan Gray

Jonathan Gray
NZ Archaeologist who discovered the REAL Noahs Ark & Pharoahs army that drowned pursuing Moses!
We speak about the evidence he uncovered that the Vatican created Islam,
That both religions have Freemasons at their head.
PLUS! Evidence that the bible has accurately predicted major events throughout history thousands of times!
So what does the future hold?
Persecution of those who tell the truth and more money and power for those who lie, shocker, I know.

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  • Marty Beck

    I recommend Jonathan’s book, “Dead Men’s Secrets”. He really brings you to your senses regarding ancient advanced civilizations.

  • Casmige

    The rather funny part if all this?

    While citing both NT & OT there is an abject failure to realise & acknowledge that the freemasons that they cite as being behind all this?….are correctly also behind “Zionism”, “the Jesus story”, “the New Testament”, as well as the creation of, & yes most insidiously indeed regarding: “islame”, but the whole host of other religious dogma’s, tenets, & organisations or at the very least the bastardisation of indigenous religions of all the CE (after common era) religions… including “Protestantism”!!.

    So the presentators bash, & rightly so, the free-masonry masonic origins of islame & the hand-in-glove direct tutelage of the RCC or Roman Catholic Church as the originator of the same but completely fucking ignore the historicity & the blatant serpentine sophistry & subterfuge of the bigger picture!!:

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