Korean Missile Found In Alaska

Jason Bermas breaks down the latest missile launch by North Korea, and it’s ability to hit Alaska.

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  • abcdefghijklmnop

    Speculating on a study no one can find or knows about. We call that a rumor around here. You talk of fear mongering but yet you cultivate it by talking of a war scenario with N. Korea with “troops on the ground and death”. The more I listen to you guys the more I hear paranoia, conspiracy, clickbait titles and promoting protesting like you did at the end of this video because those videos are where you guys are getting your most hits. Example, the one by Luke yesterday, ‘How Fake News Almost Got Me Killed At The G20’. B.S.!!! He didn’t look almost killed or even hurt and where were these 10 guys that he claimed jumped him as he stuttered when he made the number up? Fake news? I almost got killed is like me saying I almost got killed going to the store yesterday. How do you almost get killed? Time to check yourselves and your own goals.

  • Michael

    In all honesty, who cares… The US does missile tests all the time, yet theirs is justified? Are you kidding me?

  • Mas9510

    most wars, if not all, were against other groups of humans; except for the ostrich war. North Korea will never achieve peace they will always have a monster that have to defeat, they will only make chaos.

  • Darwin999

    wtf? free NK??? you freed already the native americans by killing them,
    fuck you USA, leave this planet, travel to mars and leave us alone.
    everybody hates you because of your damn arrogance.

  • Marie Fremlin

    No Korean missile hit Alaska in 2003. Part of one may have washed up on the beach or something like that. I was born, raised and live in Alaska. Just as a point to think about: there are a lot of people living here in Alaska and I would prefer they are the casualties not us. I guess Alaskans don’t count as anything to the rest of the fine Americans. Good to remember if you ever were to need our help.

  • Paul_Carp

    iF I was a North Korean, I’de be happy to risk my life for a shot of being like South Korea.. In a heart beat

  • D. Whitmann

    I highly doubt a missle or section of one was found. I am willing to bet it was the fairytale of the Bush administration to try and justify a war with North Korea and someone with common sense talked Bush out of it.

  • Sabrina Goodwin

    Im against war all together. however it is time to do something ab KimJung. He has killed his father, Brother, and countless others. This is a kid playing with Fire. So send the CIA black ops in and do as kimjung did to his own brother.

  • james williams

    “We have a very narrow prospective of what`s going on”. EXACTLY. America is in dire need of a REPUTABLE MAINSTREAM MEDIA.

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