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  • Nats Kaluh

    JUST offering a solution and its simple The Fed needs to empty all US
    prison system of all criminal Foreign illegal persons by deporting back to
    their country of origin were their own countries can pay for and complete
    their full sentences as a show of good faith with the US ! And “wall la”
    wall is paid for and if they return execute them with prejudice simple!!!
    Send a clear massage !!! Why should US tax payers pay for this BS !!!

  • Hidayah Sufee

    this is funny…really..but why?i mean why?how will a wall help anything?I
    mean like what will it do?and why the mexicans have to pay for it?I mean
    what did they do to deserve this?this is really extremely hilarious and
    downright being a douche.

  • John Smith

    i have no problem paying to help build that wall and get american’s back to
    work building that wall i call that a win win deal.

  • JeffreyViews

    The price Americans have been paying and will continue to pay due to a lax
    border is vastly greater than the price of a wall.

  • Ylber Ilazi

    This mexico paying the wall is bullshit. Its like you want to build a fence
    but instead of you buying the material for the fence you make your neighbor
    pay for it. Does that make any sense? and why do you hate mexico? America
    was build on illegal immigrants ffs. And i hate it how you come here on
    YouTube and blow smoke through our asses! trump is fucking corrupt! i’m
    gonna go on ahead and say it, he’s even more corrupt than hillary! So fuck
    you, fuck trump, fuck everybody!

  • Aaron David

    We do not need a wall just enforce the laws and send employer’s to jail if
    they hire illegals and if you are family and get caught harboring illegals
    then you lose your citizenship and get deported with them.

  • darnedghost2008

    who was gonna pay for the wall? lol It will be so complicated that you will
    never know that you payed it all by yourself… therfore you get 1% wall
    and 99% fence at the best.
    Unsub this religious fanatic and fearporno channel… over 1000+ ppl have
    unsubbed recently :)

  • HamHam

    if usa build a wall, it will be destroyed.. by who? – usa itself. of
    course, they will blame it on somebody else. building a wall = planting an

  • imcal101

    Trump to Mexico: I’ll break the silver rigging and you’ll be the riches
    country in the world but first you pay for the wall.

  • rainbo5250

    Trump needs to FIRE THE CIA,…..a CRIMINAL ROGUE organization who work for
    the PRIVATE bankster families of the Federal Reserve!



    Get the putrid satanists OUT of our government!
    Their days are filled with sabotage!

    It is impossible to have a NOBLE, GOOD , DECENT, LAW ABIDING, MORAL, and
    COMPASSIONATE country when these freaks are filling our government offices.

    They are snakes who smile to your face and make promises to those around
    them and when their back is turned,…. they plant a knife.

    Everyone look up PIZZAGATE.

  • Thunderbird

    Mexico will not pay, we the people will pay, we will pay biggly and not
    just financially! Not only will this Fascist dictator and his cronies
    profit at our expense, but he is destroying our reputation around the
    Trump For Prison!
    Lock him up! Lock him up!

  • Nathaniel Boone

    ok so we pay first…. do we see a check when they pay back. Mention
    keystone pipeline please be fair n balanced. half the comments sound
    racist, just saying. and how does he, he make another country pay for his
    wall. Hey i need a fence ill build now and bill one of ya’ll stupid asses
    later. All we have are words about making someone else pay for our shit.
    What jobs? be more specific please… i know give a chance…and im going
    to…but get off his dick… cause we all know the silence or spin
    doctiring that’ll be if or when his shit backfires… didnt vote for
    hitlary or O’s second term soooooo…. keystone mention it shit bags….

  • Legacy Turbo

    Quite simply trump might be the final nail in the coffin. The 3rd
    antichrist everyone will believe in him then we are all doomed. Even
    Christopher green believes in trump now this is a scary situation.

  • unvrknow22

    How about Trump’s executive order today regarding stripping federal funding
    to sanctuary cities who refuse to crack down on illegal immigration? God
    Bless Donald Trump! #MAGA

  • Vladimir Gutierrez

    Hi Christ,

    I was one of your first subscribed many years ago when you create the
    channel and I been following you every day on every video on every topic,
    and you know you are very interesting pal,,, but recently I’m embarrassed
    by you action’s. Everything I see and hear from you is vainglorious,
    unfair, arrogant and impartial, you was one of the best alternative for
    many peoples like me, I encourage you to be that honest pal, the one who
    brought the humble opinion, the one who exposed the most exclusive and
    fervent views, to everybody,,,, Viva la Revolucion…

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