We Fixed UN’s Migration Propaganda Video

The UN recently released a migration propaganda video titled “Global Compact for Migration.” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aH5uhNHcOgs) However, there was a few errors in it, so we fixed it for them and renamed it to Global Unity Against Migration.

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  • Luís Greg

    Its a very hard problem and a true major dilema…a ethical, political, practical and moral dilema!!!
    We as Humans should help other Humans, but wouldn’t It be much better if there was no migration to deal with?!!
    Why are they bombing their countries? All the diamonds, natural resources, geographic interest they have in their countries and some countries are stealing it!!!

    Why all the countries who are bombing and making money with war in those countries do not get a single refugee?
    Talking about Israel, USA, Saudi Arabia, Russia, China…and so on

    Stop doing war for profit!
    Stop looking at people like we were disposable dirt-bags or “milking-cows”!!
    Stop caring about a World designed by some powerful-people just to trap You and your Soul… and look to the World our Mother Nature provided us, the World where you make a diference by just being free and aware.

  • Valhalla

    All those “Liberal” psychopaths who allow this invasion while holding a sign “Refugees Welcome” and “No Human Is Illlegal” have blood on their hands as they are allowing the rape, murder of innocent European children and putting in place the conditions that allow for a civil war in Europe to take place in the future – a war where hundreds of thousands of innocent Europeans will be killed (along with many millions of non-whites)..

    All of you “Liberals” are insane psychopaths and a day will come soon enough when all of you will be hanged in front of a genocide tribunal for violation of true Human Rights – The Right Of The Native Europeans To Exist In Safety Within Their Own Lands – and not the fake “Human Rights” that you try to push.

    When that they comes I would gladly hang those leftist Liberals with my own hands.

  • 2jeans

    Italy should stop traying to waste any resource in trying to save the niggers, let them drown i say, let only the smarter or stronger survive.

  • Joe Mills

    Don’t blame the migrants they don’t know any better, blame the organizations importing them, looks like the goal is to destabilize Europe, probably as an excuse for their internet censorship and cashless society, could the motive be to cover up the failure of the Euro, or just to prop it up long enough to impose the censorship and cashlessness?

  • M H

    Thank you Henrik and Lana, this is top priority in life. Currently red pilling my friends on your videos. Its making an impact.

  • Rapptor22

    I love how, these leftist propaganda videos always either have disabled comment section or get hammered down on the ratings or both.

  • Corneliu Codreanu

    The more Africans that move away from African military forces, the more Africans are unprotected once the slaughter begins. We control the roads, we control the waters. Once we become violent, they cannot run. There will be no solace or mercy.

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