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In this video I talk about a recent situation that took place where an 18 year old boy tried to flirt with my wife. One of the things that young men must understand is that life will present you challenges. Complaining will not solve the challenges. What will solve the challenges is thinking and action. In this video I work on fixing the fence and the incident that took place a few days ag
Yesterday my wife was sitting outside reading a book when an 18 year old male tried to get her attention. He waved and said “hello”. My wife kindly said “hello”. The 18 year old kept walking and turned the corner. He entered our neighbors yard. Then the 18 year old came up to the fence and tried to flirt with my wife. Some of my children were outside and my wife tells the young man, “Perhaps you want to speak to my husband”. The young man walked away. My wife comes in the house and tells me what happened. I go over to the fence and call the boy out. He comes out drunk and high.
“Are you the one who was out here trying to get at my wife?”
“Oh, I, I….”
“Well look young man I am going to tell you that you need to have respect for my wife. Don’t be coming at her like that. You made her feel uncomfortable and I don’t appreciate that.”
“I didn’t mean to make her uncomfortable. My bad.”
“Ok. I am telling you this man to man because it is important that you learn to respect women. Ok?” I smile at the boy.
“My bad but you don’t have to smile at me though. I didn’t mean to make her uncomfortable. Don’t smile at me.” For some reason the young man felt disrespected by my smile.
“I am smiling at you so that you don’t feel threatened. I could have come over the fence and came at you another way. But it’s not about that young man. The point is that you have to learn to have more respect for women. When you have respect you can then be in a positive relationship with a good woman. Do you understand?”

“Yeah. My bad. I apologize.”

“You don’t have to apologize to me but the next time you see my wife you should apologize to her.”

My wife walked outside and the 18 year old apologized to her.
More and more I am realizing how much young men need positive father figures in their lives. The 18 year old was drunk and high, not well educated, and was not taught to respect women. This will be the topic for my next “Manhood Training Video”.

Manhood is about transforming the negative into a positive and in the process teach an important lesson about manhood.

Young men be careful about your aggression towards women. Some women feel threatened when men approach them aggressively. And this is why you must be tactful about how you approach women. Being aggressive will set a negative foundation for a potential relationship. Being intelligently assertive will set a positive foundation for a positive relationship. Being aggressive is disrespectful. Being patient and intelligent is respectful. Part of being patient is not acting to fast. Even if you are attracted to a woman you should not act in haste. Instead you should act with care and think about future repercussion. Will being aggressive help me to establish a positive relationship? Will being aggressive make the woman feel uncomfortable.

The other thing that I want you young men to understand is my goal is to move my family to a better neighborhood. In order to achieve this goal, I must remain focused. I must also not allow people to limit what I believe is possible. I have had people tell me that I need to stay in this neighborhood. That I must stay in the neighborhood so I can be an example to my neighbors. This is like telling someone who is in an abusive relationship to stay; that it is somehow the responsibility of the person who is being abused to stay and change their abuser. This is not intelligent. The truth is that every decision that we make should be about our own forward progress in life. This neighborhood does not move us forward as a family and therefore it is necessary for us to move out of this neighborhood.

You are always tested before you move to the next level. Right now I have to remain focused and not allow negative things to slow my progressions. If you want to progress you cannot meet the negative with negative. When you meet negative with negative the negativity is double and it weighs you in place. When you meet negative with positive you transform the negative into something that allows you to move forward. The positive gives you wings to move forward in life.


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  • Ima Realist

    What about the black women that don’t respect themselves? not that I don’t
    agree with what your saying because you should always make sure the women
    you approach are comftorble and secure but do you know some women actually
    like what that 18 year old did to your wife you would be amazed of course
    since your older then me I know that you already know that嚜

  • uncolonizedmind

    Brother, where you are I have been. I have five kids. Four boys and one
    girl. My wife and I were raising them in a small town home. Every time I
    came home from work and I saw them sharing beds and rooms it bothered me in
    a way I don’t think it affected my wife. One day I was approached by a man
    who gave me a large amount of money from annonomous donor to put down on a
    new home. It was amazing. Three of my children are in college now. It will
    work out for you. Continue to move toward what you want and watch it
    happen. Thanks for all that you add to the world. The universe will
    conspire to help you.嚜

  • Daniel nagy

    I have noticed something once when observing people in a shopping mall; the
    women lead most of the time, they walk before the man.嚜

  • Hajin Nosnhoj

    You are right Lenon about how we treat each other I’ve grew up in
    dysfunction and notice that. I notice it all the time when I’m at a bus
    stations that are in the ‘hood’. It’s very unfortunate. VERY unfortunate.
    But I’m told usually when stuff gets really sticky usually that means you
    reaching something really good in the future. I like to hold on to that and
    hope it gets better.嚜

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