Paving The Way For Legalization Of Cannabis In Canada (GCGG 2017)

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In a celebration of entrepreneurship and civil disobedience The Great Canadian Glass Gathering recently kicked off it’s annual get together and in this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Liberty Farms founder and owner of Grass Roots Medicinal Chad Jackett about the GCGG and how it, as well as his organization the Cannabis Growers Of Canada are paving the way for real legalization and not the “crony legalization” we see being implemented today.
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  • Douglas White

    I still think the U.N will tell him no and it’ll be no sorry can’t do it.The city of Vancouver made a butt load of cash than shut down most of the dispensaries and yes I will agree way too many opened up at once.I like to know where that money went too though it sure didn’t go back to the city that’s forsure

  • watcher on the wall

    Want the bigger picture here Dan then: forget smoking it to escape reality , medicinal is good, thats productive , but lets face it these people are strictly using it for entertainment purposes, while hiding behind another agenda , which is a waste , hemp is something used in industry , to preserve trees , has been used for centuries to make rope, canvas and paper. Long hemp fibres can be spun and woven to make crisp, linen-like fabric used in clothing, home furnishing textiles and floor coverings, carpet. In China, hemp is de-gummed for processing on flax or cotton machinery , this could represent a whole industry in canada ..anyone want a real job…. lets stop smoking the shit and lets make stuff , try legalizing that , create jobs , industry , gross national product , farming , export , come on canada get your head outta yer a** and do something constructive, this is a weed were talking about , it grows any where, any climate , any conditions, with very little to no maintenance , low cost farming at its best , these glass blowers can make many things that are exportable goods, grow up canada , stop fighting to try to make it legal to be high , create a future instead of a cloud !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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