Yoko Mada – How Right Wing Is Japan Today?

Yoko Mada is a vlogger, musician and artist.

Yoko joins us to discuss Japan, America, and the ongoing struggle between globalism and nationalism. We first talk about Yoko’s YouTube channel, and what led her to begin making videos about Donald Trump. This leads to a discussion on Japan, with Yoko explaining how her perspective on her homeland has changed over the years. Later we talk about Cultural Marxism, gender differences, and Japanese religion. The show concludes with a call for cooperation between nationalists against the globalist agenda.

Guest’s Website: http://www.randomyoko.com/

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  • gurugeorge

    Aww, that’s so sweet and dignified, how she has her Trump memorabilia laid out neatly behind her as a sign of respect.

  • Brendan Edwards

    Awesome. Most of the younger Japanese I know are pretty Lefty.. I work everyday to educate them. Yoko, Contact me anytime . Political Ally.

  • Mikey B

    Of course they want Japan to mix with sub-human American Blacks and Africans to dumb down and destroy the Japanese culture.

  • Morning Wood

    West is killing itself with refugees , now japan too? Please don’t!! All the countries I like is tainted by fucking muslims..

  • leipero

    “Imprint guilt”??? What the fuck, Japan was guilty, what kind of “imprinting” is that, it is called “facing reality and facts”. Are you fucking serious? US nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki for no reason, no one was ever prosecuted for that, but that doesn’t mean Japan was not guilty. It’s not like Japanese nazis attacked China and killed 30 million of Chinese civilians, no… fucking hell…, “fighting communism” LOL, delusional idiots. Yeah “communist party exist legaly”, ofc it exist, why wouldn’t it? Maybe some totalitarian piece of sh** wouldn’t want it. But capitalism worked so great for Japan, their debt to GDP is well over 200%, even worse than in US, there’s no way they could ever return it, inflation and devaluation is just getting started, and companies lie about radiation and are not responsible for what they did, fucking paradise LOL.

    I can’t listen this puke more…, this is as far as any intelligent person can go in listening to this crap.

  • Messy Marv

    This doesn’t surprise me, most japanese people are inferior minded people that look at white people with blonde hair and blue eyes like gods.

  • Ladovinka513

    There was no mass rape by japan soliders in China/Korea ? Also Nanking genocide is fake ? Then hiroshima and nagasaki are also minor issues, some random guy detonated hand granate i guess.
    17:50 did you visit China ? No, why not if there is no problems between your countries, since japan did nothing wrong toward China in ww2. Go visit there, have fun.

  • Gorgo

    One of my favourite TV shows is a Japanese reality show called Terrace House, and I noticed the guests have become increasingly “mixed race”, more so than previous seasons.

  • M H

    Modern Japanese culture is fucking degenerate, they have the same problem as we do if not worse. Their birthrates are declining just like ours if not worse.

  • Kyle Russo

    Jews can blend in and pass themselves off as “white” in white countries and spread white guilt to the local populations and undermine cultural norms. Globalism won’t work so in Asian countries for this reason.

  • Liberty Crusader

    im curious, Japanese have higher iq’s, yet europeans are the ones that developed modern technology?

    youd think the Japanese should of been the ones to invent stuff

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