Brittany Pettibone – American Nationalism & Marxist Programming in the Sci-fi Genre

Brittany Pettibone is an American Nationalist and Constitutionalist. She writes about and comments on politics, as well as a variety of social issues, and is the co-author of the science-fiction/fantasy novel, Hatred Day.

Our show begins with Brittany telling us about what it’s like to be an identical twin. We learn about her upbringing, and how she ended up teaming up with her twin to write Hatred Day. Brittany then tells us about life in California, including its demographic transformation. We consider the increasingly popular Calexit proposition, and what its success would spell for the rest of the country. Switching gears, we talk about Brittany’s trip to Trump’s inauguration, which leads to a discussion on Trump’s presidency thus far. Our show also covers Brittany’s ideological journey, the future of the Democratic party, and the prevalence of political correctness and Cultural Marxism in the publishing industry.

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About The Author


  • Dallas Swim

    im going deep into autism here, but i think one of the reasons these
    liberalized feminists are so difficult to sway is because they’ve been
    reared to be ‘strong’ and ‘independent’ but it’s too offset by ‘crazy cat
    lady’ so instead of getting a Katrín Tanja Davíðsdóttir or a Marion
    Maréchal-Le Pen, you get fat, stupid bluehairs blubbering on about open
    borders, immigrants, equality, and it gets twisted until their insanity
    spirals and spirals, all the while being reinforced by a constant barrage
    0f stimulation by the media makers, and so the dopamine flood builds
    framework upon which the liberalized feminism is crafted. The problem is
    that ‘feminism’ could just because high female expression, like you could
    call war, science, and industry ‘meninism’ ? Except the lesser males got
    weeded out after thousands of years. The stupid ones who fell prey to the
    laws of Darwin, followed faulty ideologies, and were physically inactive,
    failed to thrive and failed to become genetically fit, unless they were
    conniving and backstabbing enough to form tight knit, resource-obsessed
    cabals because then instead of relying on genetic fitness you can just
    control and enslave.

    it’s almost like the opposite of men, who when reared similarly demand
    superiority, walls, and no immigrants? With women it’s open borders,
    immigrants, and equality. Or maybe there used to be a lot more males who
    wanted that in previous times, but most of them died off because it’s
    stupid nonsense. Now it’s women’s turn?

    war causalities vs. abortion deaths. Extremes vs. extremes. What a time to
    be alive.


    I’m White and a Nationalist. NAZIS are fucking lame Socialist Cucks who
    support a failed fucking leader who drove WHITES into the ground in
    Germany. His Admin was fucking brutal to White working class and business
    owners. And Nazis PRETEND “National Socialism” is not some nuanced version
    of Marxism. Fucking IDIOTS

    “Nazis” or Neo Nazis are the dumbest White KOOKS on the planet. They also
    follow Jesus, a JEWISH ZOMBIE who was some comic book Hero 2000 years ago
    invented by “Intellectual Jews”

    Give me a fucking break. It’s all cartoonish.

  • Ben Winter

    Michael Atanasio ,s Radix , was the original cyber punk , sc fi epic ,
    messianic groove , that kick started so many Hollywood projects , it,s not

  • manicirishmonday

    But immigrants tend to be more religious and family minded especially
    Hispanics tend to be more likely to breed and be Catholic. If white people
    are so superior why aren’t they making babies and believing in God? Atheism
    and Satanism are the true cancers destroying white society. This eugenic
    laced speech will not solve the problem either. Lets talk about what truly
    killed the liberal white left, gay marriage, trans bathroom crap, trying to
    normalize pedophiles. If they kept it about wages, conservation, and
    education they would have gotten somewhere. But no they had to go and deny
    God and embrace perversion. My guess is Trumps Achilles heel will be when
    he goes after the Native Americans and starts killing them, a truly
    religious and sacred people, This will be because white farmers who need
    clean water for their crops will be aligned with the Natives. Clean water
    and food are more important than oil. At that point America will descend
    into a true civil war with vets back from Iraq with guns going against
    police and corporate forces. Many vets have already said they will align
    with the Natives and the farmers over the pipeline. The Dakota pipeline
    will be the flash point when Trump tries to finalize his genocide of the
    Natives, who have far higher birthrates than the sterile whites. Good
    homage to Haindmaid’s tale there blessed be the fruit let the Lord open.
    We all must pray for discernment in these times. Amen.

  • Lars Jonsson

    How nice it is to listen to these intelligent and beautiful women. They’re
    shining beacons of light in the cultural marxist darkness surrounding us.
    Hail victory.

  • Gordon Runkle

    I’ve read *Hatred Day*, and it was very enjoyable; I’m looking forward to
    the forthcoming *Verdict Day*. Don’t let the Young Adult label put you off!

  • nic 223556

    If you look at the post-war babyboom this generation drove a century of
    innovation The economic conditions were far from perfect coming out of the
    destruction of WW2 especially in Europe. So what exactly can one do to get
    whites to have more children ?

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