Bastille Day Protest Against Trump and Macron LIVE in Paris

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  • KandiLand Closet

    More fake news! Thank you President Trump please make America great again🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Anoncore1

    A year ago ,Muslim go and kill 87 innocent people , the blood of little children who died there remain fresh in normal people mind . Yet the new- nazi FASCIST called antifa and black block don’t hesitate to support these same Muslim terrorist and globalist , throwing rocks and bottles at officers that are supposed to remember the lost of life and protect the peaceful citizen! AND THAT IS WHAT THE STORY SHOULD BE ABOUT ! MAKE ANTIFA AND THE BLACK BLOCK A TERRORIST ORGANISATION AND ORDER SORROS TO BE EXECUTED AND HIS SONS TO JAIL FOR THE SAFETY OF HUMANITY .

  • lola g

    Great reporting! Can you do a catch up report on the bill that Trump is tying to pass, which  will end the safety net, the child traffickers and pedophiles have been enjoying during the Obama regime?. Thanks.

  • Patrick Bateman

    “There is no such thing as French culture”- Macron. You idiots are making a cultural suicide against your own people.

  • Mohamed Ghoneim

    Pretty strange dont you think Luke that there is an anti Macron and anti Trump protest after they recognized regime change will not be a priority in Syria.

  • TheColonelKlink

    Maybe if the French actually worked in July and August there would be less of this Communist horse shit going on?

  • kevin moseley

    Seriously? Chased off police? Have they no Intel on where the black block squads are crashing? To raid and arrest ahead of time? Court would hold up the charges or at least slow down the efforts by arresting leaders.

  • Lena 2017

    Well, it’s not only racist for him to point out that north-african women to have many children.. The statement hides the fact that a man is involved in every child birth 😶

  • BD Karol

    Trump and Macron had a great meeting yesterday and the News had nothing negative so the LEFTIES brought in their PAID PROTESTERS

  • russianbuds

    Hey Luke, what do you make of Poland deciding to remove its monuments to the Red Army? Is this no better than what is happening to the Confederate monuments in the South of the US

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