Mikey Havoc Discussing Conspiracy Theories With Vinny Eastwood

I met Mikey Havoc outside the David Icke event and we had a great little chat about a few things,
He looked forward to appearing on my show and invited me on his, Unfortunately we didn’t exchange contact information and I can’t find his anywhere.
I reminded him that we’d spoken before on the radio and he didn’t remember,
Synchronistically I was digging through my old archived recordings and I found it! Enjoy 🙂
By the way, if anyone knows how to contact Mikey let him know I’m looking for him!


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  • MsBlueRyan

    You articulated your words very well Vinny. I think Mikey was fascinated
    and terrified with what you had to say which is the standard with a lot of
    people I talk to about the real truth. I met Mikey a few times in the late
    80’s when he was in the band Push Push and when I had a regular paying
    music gig- he has always been an easy going good guy. I enjoyed listening
    to this post. Thanks. :)

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