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  • Penny Red

    Spot on Richie. B&w divide and conquer, today its looking very much like
    that. Terrible trickery. Sad to play desperate people like this, very
    cruel. But thats the nature of what we live under.

  • Kearnsy74

    Just so I know that I’m amongst people who understand the world as I do, if
    you understand that politicians are merely puppets (Trump, May, Clinton
    etc.) put in place to fool us and divide and conquer us and blindly lead
    the sheeple into war, and KNOW FOR SURE that 9/11 was a controlled
    demolition carried out by the government & covered up by the media, and
    that all these ‘terrorist’ attacks are carried out by our own governments &
    staged by the media, then give this comment a like

    If not, then I’m in the wrong place

  • EChan

    With Trump the glass is at least half full. He talks the talk and so far is
    walking the walk. When was the last time a politician actually fulfilled
    campaign promises made. We should be cautiously optimistic. He is the best
    hope the world has since maybe JFK. Not perfect but no man is.

  • thomas clare

    Ill just throw this one out,why do so many people listen to political
    garbage? people become radicalised when their families,their homes,their
    friends,their towns and cities are blown to pieces by a drone strike from
    the US/UK cabal that has only two agendas,oil theft and the creation of a
    greater israel,the people coming into Europe are not migrants they are
    refugees,we have made them refugees,the oil companies own the politicians
    and the top brass of the military and of course the disgusting MSM,Sky is
    an abomination that makes it up as it goes along,its a pity that the
    bastards that make this rubbish up dont go to these war zones and get put
    in harms way,they may want to tell the truth if that was the case,think
    about it this way,what would you do if your family were incinerated before
    your eyes,do you think you would want revenge,maybe you would become
    radicalised too?

  • Matt x69x

    no you don’t have a phobia of heights, there’s nothing irrational about it,
    the floor will probably hurt when you hit it. I once bricked it all the way
    to the top of the Scott monument in Edinburgh 😰😨😵

  • Medimarc

    Spot on. You know, all those people who are blaming the Rothschilds and
    Rockefellers miss one significant thing: Even though it is true that some
    families actually have dominated the game for centuries, they are not the
    primary cause of evil, nor is it the reptilians. It’s something deep inside
    the human mind that over and over repeats the similar game. Do the
    experiment with monopoly: even after you start the game with equally
    distributed resources, it will always end up with one winner. This could be
    theoretically overcome only if all(!) players decide to not using their
    opportunity to gather resources and taking advantages over others. If just
    one single player starts making use of his luck and considering a
    particular street his property, the game begins and others have to pay him
    for something he did not really deserve. Something similar is happening
    with the interests in the financial system. Yeah it is true that the roots
    of our current system of Fiat money is dating back to 1913 when Wilson
    signed the federal reserve act. But my thesis is that if the bloodlines and
    reptilians would purposely withdraw, someone else would take their place.
    Why is that so? I can only guess, but here is one hint: Since the human
    species is reproduced by maternal partner choice, males need to compete.
    You can see it everyday: Girls do usually on average not date those chaps
    who are morally integer hence in materialistic terms less ‘successful’ with
    gathering and dominating, though those who are big in the game of
    pretending. Bill Clinton was a normal average guy who just dreamed to date
    the pretty gals – that was his major motivation to get into a power
    position. Sarkozy proved the same principle right and so did Trump who was
    blamed for actually telling the truth in one particular point as he stated
    that a ‘star’ can do virtually everything with the girls. And no, I do not
    blame it on him even though I do not agree with his racism at all. Watch
    ‘The Great Gatsby’ and you know what I mean.

    Yes, he might be a puppet, but it is not the fault of the tiny hidden hand,
    though from the majority of people who do not want to reconsider their own
    thinking. As long as people are calling for a god, a leader, a saviour that
    comes down to earth and saves them from their suffering while doing all the
    work for them and rather keep on stabilising the very same system they are
    used to, nothing will happen. Humans always tend to put the blame on others
    and it makes no difference whether it is the refugees, the zionists, the
    reptilians (no, not all are bad). Unless they start to reorganise their
    very own way of judging and instead of making others responsible starting
    to live a different life, history will be repeated over and over again. The
    Rothschilds are nothing but a symptom. Listen to George Soros – he knows
    that the system is wrong but he says he will continue as long as it works.
    And that it works has been proven by Trump again. I cannot tell you that
    everything is right on track – I even doubt that Hillary was ever seriously
    considered to win the elections – at least the Simpsons knew it 16yrs back.
    The illuminati are not one closed group – there are many reptilians who
    would like to turn the system into something better. But at the street
    level people are not ready to get off their comfort zone. Even Hollywood is
    not entirely ruled by bad guys. Have you ever considered that by destroying
    the reputation of them people are also moved further away from glimpsing
    into the truth? That particular chap you mentioned who contributed a
    significant amount to Trumps election blames all the mainstream media while
    in reality he already turned into mainstream. Unless people stop thinking
    in black and white and start discovering the more than fifty shades of grey
    in a people, nothing will happen. The secret of the sin in the garden of
    Eden was that from that day on, humans messed up the difference between
    polarity (which is a true hermetic principle) and dualism. The latter one,
    also encoded in the checkered board, lives from divide and conquer and thus
    requires always good and evil. But instead of sorting out the polarity
    inside the own soul, people project it on the outer world and rather
    fighting against an enemy. In medicine we have a syndrome that is called
    ‘Borderline’ that is not that different in quality, only in quantity and I
    consider it the disease of the entire species. The true war goes inside of
    each single human. And it will change only if we start appreciating other
    values in our very private life. As long as a chap at his first date is
    asked what job he has or what car brand he drives, the game will go on and
    on ad infinitum.

  • beljankel

    Wow Richie, you’re a long one! Yes, fuck all this PC bullshit; seems to me
    these transgenders or more like who’s behind them don’t want equality, they
    want superiority!

  • Lynic

    Lynic mixon from America from Maryland here in America I listen to you for
    now about 2 months and is very interesting you’re very informative thank
    you so much

  • James Harder

    Maybe you could NAME FREEMASONS controlling the UK… OR, of course, you
    could just bitch and moan and supplicate for donation money to continue
    support for your show?

  • yourFriendtheTaxman

    What the hell is someone awake to the game being played supposed to do in a
    situation like this, when everyone else is getting further radicalized into
    opposing camps? There’s going to be a civil war – only a completely blind
    fool would fail to see it coming. Point being, these radicalized parties
    are so extreme that they have declared that anyone who does *NOT* take a
    side in the coming fight is as “bad” as the “enemy”, and will be targeted
    for extermination all the same. I have no intention of taking a side in
    this coming war, which benefits only the globalist elites, and will advise
    everyone else to do the same, but is it Right and Good when I have seen
    first hand how the blood-thirsty lunatics are promising to murder Us (or
    put Us in concentration camps) for being “non-committing cowards”? Knowing
    that we are immortal Consciousness and this “reality” is an illusion, even
    then does there ever come a point when one indeed has to fight to defend
    the Innocents and the Good? Does fighting, even to protect innocents in
    one’s own community, still fulfill the agenda of the Elites and their
    Archon masters? Is the only choice to resign oneself that one will most
    likely die in the coming butchery and just spend what time one has left
    living as a kind and decent person? Or does one condemn oneself and all
    future generations of mankind to be (re)incarnated into a dystopian,
    totalitarian nightmare if one remains neutral? I am in terrible conflict
    over this and searching for guidance, the answer (if there even is one)
    remains elusive, all while the approaching cataclysm continues to
    accelerate, an unstoppable force bearing down upon us like an out of
    control freight train. Please Ritchie, David, and all others in the GENUINE
    truth movement, please offer a horribly conflicted soul some guidance or
    words of hope in these dark times. I don’t want to make the wrong decision
    and spend all of Eternity tormented by Karma…

  • VictoriA M

    Obama for eight years was responsible for U.S. Policy in Middle East. Why
    were you people so quiet?! Set up refugee “safe zones” in their own
    country. Let’s stop these wars!

  • VictoriA M

    Ritchie. First time listening to you. I hear a lot of bitching and moaning
    about what the West is doing wrong. What is your solution?

  • vastell1234

    Until I first heard David Icke say that the most important thing to hold
    people in ignorance of was their own nature and being, I was fallen to
    believe it was due to ‘bureaucratic incompetence’ and that those put in
    positions to mass mind control societies didn’t care to know what happens
    before and after “life” on earth. … o(.j.)o …

  • Confusius

    Since pretty much all of his crew left him, Alex Jones, together with his
    few crooked “friends” have reached the top, and are heading downhill
    rapidly, he pretty much only has David Knight, who’s the only one striving
    for the better, but with only professional fascist troll Paul Joseph Watson
    and Roger “mob” Stone at his proposal his image is rapidly melting. In some
    way, I understand them, they rather have a complete lunatic like Trump in
    favor of a hidden narcissistic lunatic like Hillary, that’s the only thing
    I can understand, but they’ll never keep Trump’s feet to the fire, they
    have only that 1 card to play, and the more Trump will kiss Israel’s ass,
    the more they’ll support him.

  • Nothing Girl

    Why aren’t the ROTHCHILDS paying for everyone forced to migrate, building
    new homes for them? Hey ROTHCHILDS, can you spare a DIME?

  • Ali Hussain

    What a Clown Trump is. Trump said, he cares for Americans safety. Then why
    didn’t he ban citizens from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel & others who are
    funding & supporting terrorists. What a bullcrap!.. Rivalry is there with
    Democrats. But their master is the same. Lucifer!.. Motherfakers!…

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