The Most Important Fact About Trump’s Travel Ban That Everyone Is Missing

In this video, we go over the latest breaking news surrounding Donald Trump’s executive order on a travel ban from predominantly Muslim countries. We give you context about this major decision and its proceeds him with actions from Barack Obama and George W. Bush. Share this video if it resonated with you and support us on

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    And I thought you were going to bring up the fact that Pres. Trump was
    enforcing a Federal law signed by Pres. Obama in 2015 and expanded in 2016
    212(f) of the INA, 8 U.S.C. 1182(f) and 217(a)(12) of the INA, 8 U.S.C.

  • The Wise One

    Albert Pike outlined the logistics of our future, and the divisions that
    had to be created in order to bring about the three world wars and the NWO.

  • Banana Joe

    911 was “controlled” terrorism – us government was certainly involved.
    Saudi Arabia is a loyal Vassal State to the US. They wont send terrorist if
    US doesn’t allow them. Big difference to the banned states

  • Jeb Rothberg

    The list doesn’t come from Trump, moron. He’s just using the same old list
    Obama had. Let’s get Trump to release the full 9/11 report so he has an
    excuse to add Saudi Arabia to the list too without liberals crying about

  • testtest

    WRONG! Trump’s seven countries are NOT the same as Clark’s seven countries.
    Six out of seven of them are the same and that’s interesting. However,
    Trump put a travel ban on Yemen and Clark didn’t mention Yemen. Clark
    listed Lebanon, but Trump didn’t put a travel ban on it. For someone who
    always calls everyone else “fake news”, you should do more research before
    spreading misinformation, Luke.

    Here are the two lists:
    Clark: Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Iran, Lebanon
    Trump: Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Iran, Yemen

  • likahmac

    it’s all that fear mongering from both sides, it be nice if ppl could get
    truth from mainstream media but that’s like asking for the cure for cancer.

  • yakyakyak69

    Ban All Muslims from the USA. Islam’s Sharia Law is Anti-Constitution &
    Anti-Liberty. Islam is Dominance not co-existence.

  • lerch25

    The left will be way too busy pushing the SJW agenda to even notice any of
    the wars. If the people that fund them don’t want anti war demonstrations,
    there won’t be any anti war demonstrations. At least not from THEM.

  • TA Videos

    God (Allah) has provided all types of natural resources, intelligent minds,
    fertile grounds, physical beauty and so on to all Muslim countries, and God
    is openly saying in The Holy Quran that: Jews and Christians are not your
    friends, but they are friends of each other, and if you become their allies
    then you will be one of them. Today, the entire Muslim World is under
    attacks, invasion, genocide, hegemony, rape, and exploitation of the
    Judio-Christians terrorists regime of the West, the Hindu radical regime of
    India, and China, because Muslims are not united under one platform,
    Muslims have a very low level of I.Q, Muslims are not equipped with
    education, technology, their own Muslim NATO, their own Muslim Central
    Bank, and their own Muslim UN. Also, the civil and military leaders of
    Muslim countries are extremely corrupt and don’t care their national
    security at all, but they only worry about their own bank balance and

  • Kathy Seaman

    shared to my FB page. Signs he has been indoctrinated into government. No
    longer for the people but in control of the people.

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