The TRUTH About Trump’s Muslim Ban

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  • Ed Butler

    Your an idiot the real threat is our government. Not sure if your just that
    dumb or on the payroll. Either way this video made me unsubscribe

  • billy powell

    Christopher I agree with you on this what people don’t understand if Trump
    don’t start some where how is there ever going to be a end to this crap.
    if it was Obama doing this everybody would be on board telling him to do
    more but we all know he {Obama} would never do this to Muslims..Americans
    maybe but not his own kind

  • toni kay

    I support trump and i support AMTV , i’m not american and i’m happy that
    trump took that decision on refugees , i mean look what happened in Europe
    bcz of all the overflow of refugees , i live in a country where 1 out of 5
    is a syrian refugee and they are ruining my country’s economy and only
    bought more violence .

  • Harry Huckleberry

    Christopher what do you think of the Zionist structure that controls all
    the presidents including trump? Do you believe trump is really an outsider?
    And do you think trumps fake news moment is real or part of the Zionist

  • Arthur Dean

    I really think the powers that be are heading us towards civil war , and
    when thats going on there’s gonna be a fake terrorist attack in Israel ,
    which the world will interpret as guess who’s coming back ! But ultimately
    it’s the biggest trick of them all , because here’s how we use propaganda
    back , call them money changers again not bankers , because people will
    remember how they convinced Rome to do the dirty work and kill the guy ,
    that parallels today , money changers gets the new Rome the USA to do all
    the dirty work by the fed bank.
    There gonna get us all the kill each other while their safe and sound

  • rayneoftera

    Chris, I enjoyed and agreed with everything you said. The point is that
    liberalism is a sickness! The liberal fools are idiots and I honestly would
    like to see how they feel about Muslims coming into the country after one
    of them has killed or raped their family members and then if they can say
    let them in with a straight face after that…I’ll believe them until
    then…they can fuck off!

  • C White

    He’s actually increasing the risk of terrorism by being a recruitment
    symbol for salafists He didn’t even block the largest sources of terrorists
    in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

  • Shahad Al-Halabi

    only if you havent declared war in syria and the middle east.. then all of
    this fucking mess would NOT have happened 🙂 see.. i blame no one.. i only
    blame you americans and your ugly government for what u have done 🙂 so pls
    dont act like youre the innocent guy here who has a big heart… bullshit..
    even your homes are full with guns? seriously? now i know whos really
    funding and providing isis with guns…. 🙂 next time make sure u have
    enough info before defending yourself which makes u look like a joke here
    lol. its logic, a country that has no control over guns, what would u ever
    expect from it? well i expect terror comes from it :)


    in Canada, they continue to bash Trump on this.How stupid are these
    people?This is the media the regular people are with Trump.
    Just take a look France and Germany.

  • Goldfrog's Smart Phones Shop

    I think if you want to understand what Trump is doing you need to talk with
    a christian evangelical in Missouri.

  • valhala56

    Why doesn’t any of the Super wealthy Arab gulf states taken in these poor
    Syrians? Why is that? This is all about stupid people who don’t realize
    that Islam is at war. Who deny it …….until they get shot up an office
    Christmas party or a nightclub in Orlando or even have their heads cut off
    which happened in a factory in Nebraska by an Islamist.

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