How People Wake Up To The Truth, Zen Gardner

How People Wake Up To The Truth, Zen Gardner


Guest Zen Gardner
We all struggle to leave behind the lies we built our lives upon, the trauma of waking up is very similar to the grief process as most things you thought were reliable, credible and stable no longer appear that way.
Without this trauma however, there is no waking up, so if anyone tells you that you can be taught the one truth or the one way of life without suffering of any kind, they’re either lying or so delusional that they think it’s the truth.

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  • Marin Angeli

    Thank you, Vinny, for posting this interview. Your humor and intellect is
    always refreshing and enjoyable and, while there were many notable
    exchanges throughout, there is one in particular that I want to underscore.
    When you spoke of your conversation with the Vets, and the pain brought on
    by the reliving of their traumas, the tender side of Vinny Eastwood
    revealed itself, ever so slightly, in your voice as you relived the
    conversation. It was very touching and, more importantly, gave viewers a
    glimpse of the depth of your humanity. Zen’s humanity is emblazoned all
    over his face and in nearly every word he speaks, but you typically take a
    different tact… your passion and exuberance is normally at center stage,
    overshadowing the tender side of you that showed itself to us during that
    moment. Truly a gift to the heart and food for the soul. We, the viewers,
    need small moments of communion, like that, to reinforce our ability to
    relate to the speaker and, thus, remain inspired to carry on with the
    battle at hand… the defeat of scumbaggery.
    Much Love and Respect, My Friend…
    Laura Marinangeli

  • Ingis Erlingsdotter

    So you believe that the reason people in Europe have changed their mind
    about open borders was a nice idea, is cause they have watered down
    identities? LOL
    I like your jokes, but that was like the worst. If you believe that garbage
    there is no cure.

  • wind god

    i can tell these guys know we have to try to change the whole system. if
    they already know this is for any body who don t know. we humans have a new
    system we have to try to get to. something called a resource based economy. this is the real smart way to
    go. what vinny do is great. we have to get the truth movement like zen said
    together on one goal which is to change this system. THE NEW WORLD VS
    RESOURCE BASED ECONOMY? who going to win?????????

  • TrainingWhinny

    At young age, I was kidnapped from my loving family.
    Because of the frightening events happening during my life after the
    kidnap, I forgot about the existence of my real family.
    At the age of 33, memories about my past came back to me.
    The family with who I grew up after the kidnap, was not going to help me in
    finding my own identity,
    I had to find it myself and had no idea where to start.

    After a long path of investigation, I first found the sister of my mother
    ms. Farial
    At this emotional meeting with ms. Farial which was held in Bex,
    was stated to me by another woman, who also attended the meeting,
    that I should not think that THE FATHER would allow a Jew, THE MOSSAD into
    the family.
    This was the explanation given at the meeting for me being kidnapped, and
    why I was not welcome.
    I then realized, that it would not become easy to get in contact with my
    I was determined not to give up, and started to investigate who my father
    When I found my father, I was not able to get in contact with him.
    The security surrounding my father, force me to get in contact with him
    official and together with the police.
    The police refuse to help me.

    Only recently I found out, that during my life several different false
    identities were created.
    On large scale fraud is committed, with these identities.
    By using these false identities, the legacy of my mother is being abused
    for horrific crimes.

    I realized, I was facing an extraordinary challenge .website:

  • Sun Rabbit

    Hey Zen, what the hell did you do to your website that I can’t access it
    anymore using Firefox. For about the last 2-3 months I can only view it in
    Chrome. What’s up with that?
    Please change it back to how you had it before.
    Good interview but in my case it’s preaching to the choir because I think
    about this stuff all the time, especially as regards the current invasion
    of Europe I’m watching from my window all day, and experience first-hand
    every time I go out. I live in the centrum of a big city in Germany and
    we’re basically living under an undeclared martial law scenario. I used to
    see people walking their dogs or whatever at all hours of the night but for
    the past year, year and a half the streets are completely dead after 9 pm,
    save for large bands of invaders. We had 2 million invaders come in within
    the past 4 years, and crime in my city has gone up by 10x, with 6000 police
    incidents involving invaders happening every single day, Germanywide.
    This is not something that any kind of awakening or raising of
    consciousness is going to change. How can we have freedom when we can’t go
    out at night, or say our true opinions? The backlash to all this
    immigration and terrorism will be the rise of fascism and this will
    ultimately bring about Nazi Germany 2.0. I keep obsessing about all this
    and I still haven’t come up with a solution, except for one that pertains
    to me personally, and that is to move elsewhere.

  • Vanessa Darnell

    I was reading below a lady saying there is no occult or Jim Jones or any of
    the other or Colts there are a lot of them and your family could be
    drinking the Kool-Aid next so you need to wake up

  • Tori Scott

    thank you, you two, very refreshing! It feels so good to laugh and hear
    validating information! I love your dialogue!

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