Greg Johnson – Doxing Only Works Once

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Dr. Greg Johnson is the editor-in-chief of Counter-Currents and its journal, North American New Right. Greg is also the author of Confessions of a Reluctant Hater, New Right vs. Old Right, and Truth, Justice, and a Nice White Country.

Greg returns to discuss recent developments in American politics, the Alt-Right, and elsewhere. To begin, we dive into the doxing of Millennial Woes. We consider the reasons why the Left favors doxing. Greg reminds us that they dox us because it works; since our views are so heavily stigmatized, being associated with them carries a social cost. We then discuss the media treatment of Millennial Woes, and how shining such a spotlight on someone speaking the truth can backfire. Later, we talk about “Hailgate”, which leads to a discussion on the effectiveness of trolling versus building real-world networks. This show also explores the recent doxing of Mike Enoch, which raised quite a bit of controversy. Greg tells us why he supports Mike Enoch. (Note: The first interview Mike did after his identity was revealed has been taken down.)

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  • 14 Heart of the Order 88

    LOOK 👀 UP (((Mike Enoch’s))) fathers (((Facebook))) page, Michael P.
    Peinovich and LOOK 👀 at (((who))) (((he))) likes (((Senator Chuck
    Schumer))) (((The Jewish Standard))), LOOK 👀 at (((who))) (((he)))
    follows, LOOK 👀 at what (((group))) (((he))) follows, LOOK 👀 at (((his)))
    photos and the (((commentators))), LOOK 👀 at his (((friends))) and
    (((his))) good (((friend))) (((Marjorie Greenberg))) and his (((wife)))
    (((Billie Gleissner))) and (((her))) Faggot loving, I’m with her (Hillary
    Clinton), Pro Communist photos and comments. And with (((Enoch’s)))
    admitting being a (((🐀))) & his (((Wife))), if you can’t make a simple
    jump in logic then you need to get a check ✅ up, from the neck up.

  • 99Daymus

    The reason i listen to TDS is all the things greg would change about it.
    And the reason i Don’t watch woes. We don’t need everyone spreading the
    message in “soft, Nice” ways.

  • Robert Cardwell

    The certain way not to be doxed is to go naked and publish your address. I
    don’t see how Trump has anything to do with it; we have to take
    responsibility for ourselves.

  • fusion772

    I like a lot of what Greg has done, I enjoy Counter Currents, etc… he is
    a great interviewer and a clear thinker… however, his timidity is a bit
    much for me. He seems obsessed with keeping everything “respectable”, and
    he seems to forget the fact that mainstream society is so fucking
    retardedly brainwashed and narrow-minded towards these ideas that you are
    basically damned if you do and damned if you don’t when you advocate these
    ideas. Greg is anonymous himself; he knows full well just how virtually
    impossible it is to engage with the general public

  • AU gundam

    While I disagree with a number of Greg’s points, the actions that
    antifachan (8chan) and its associated 8cucks did were proof of the need for
    some form of communication between factions.

  • Joseph Sigur (Blindlight)

    A Jew that says muds did 911 not Jews, and does a heil Hitler salute for
    the Jewish cameras and is pretending to be a goy is a huge problem. No

  • mcflayv

    Guaranteed within 5 minutes somebody will have posted something about the
    Jews or something in triple parenthesis under this comments. Prove me wrong

  • Hans Grubet

    Nazi describes a Bavarian peasants or farmers and the filthy scum bag
    English keyed on it to discredit and demean all Nationalistic Germans in
    the Third Reich….use that. Just say if called a nazi…….really thats
    funny because I’m not a Bavarian farmer…..but thank you

  • Baby In A Manger

    Trumpers=jew lovers
    Truthers=jew lovers
    Libertarians=Jew lovers
    Alt right=jew lovers
    Bernie backers=jew lovers
    Clinton backers=jew lovers
    anti zionists=jew lovers
    nazis=jew lovers
    kkk=jew lovers
    Christians=jew lovers

  • im160bpmplus

    My grandmother who had to help Jews on the weekends for one sheckle, use to
    shit on all of their sacrificial tools just for reasons like this. Its
    times like this that i revel in tge antisemitic storys she brought me up

  • Dino Con

    I doxxed myself voluntarily. I got a couple of back talkers on Facebook,
    and one or two people wanted to interview me, but other than that, nothing
    has happened.

  • Tricknologist

    16:00 on. This is so obviously true. Why doe’s Spencer et al need Greg
    Johnson or anyone else to point it out? Sheer foolishness on his part.
    Media spokesmen for the alt-right CAN have a foot in the irony/meme culture
    of the ‘net while also having a very intelligent and serious foot in front
    of the public. Get your act together guys.

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