A deeper look in to the autonomous part of our body, the inner workings of time travel, and the truth about the shape of the Earth and how things are what we perceive.

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  • Lady Nenari Princess of the Sea

    Thank you for this for you are saying what I have said for years which is
    we neither live on a flat earth nor a globe, it is as we are infinite
    multi~dimensional energy and that as you expand your consciousness beyond
    3D and into multi~dimensionalness is when you can perceive not only how
    multi~dimensional the earth is and its infiniteness of shape and non shape,
    also your spiritual gifts and that as you said those who are so stuck in
    their 3D worlds of this or that is how it is cannot grasp that until they
    choose to shift.


    great vid my friend. Another heater for those who want to expand further.
    If yall haven’t already head over to secret energy and join the
    innerversity for expansive enlightening education such as this.

  • coast motor

    “Flat earthers” actually believe the world if flat (victims of a psy-op) ,
    they’re not talking about energy fields. It’s actually very sad and meant
    to paint with a broad brush the entire “truth movement” as a bunch of
    complete idiots to be disregarged. It has long been known that the Earth is
    indeed a type of sphere, contrary to what the church dictated. Hence we
    have since ancient times the harmony of spheres.
    The following is a list of conclusions drawn from analysis of the
    relationship of dimensions found within and without the Great Pyramid :

    – A precise definition of the Royal Cubit as it relates to the Earth
    – The size and shape of the Earth
    – The Mass and Density of the Earth
    – The Gravitational Constant
    – The Escape Velocity from the Earth to obtain an Open Orbit
    – The Escape Velocity from the Earth to obtain escape from the combined
    Earth’s and Sun’s gravitational field
    – The significance of the location of the Great Pyramid
    – The Golden Ratio
    – The Mass of the Sun
    – The Mass of the Moon
    – The Mean distance to the Sun and the Circumference of the Earth’s Orbit
    – Neutral Points of Gravity between the Earth and the Sun
    – The Mean distance to the Moon
    – The Orbital Velocity of the Earth
    – The Orbital Velocity of the Moon
    – The Metonic 19 year cycle of the Moon’s orbit of the Earth
    – The Lagrange Point (L1) between the Earth and the Moon
    – The Speed of Light
    – The Orbital Velocity of the Solar System relative to the Center of the
    Milkyway Galaxy
    – The Velocity of the Local Group of Galaxies which includes the Milky Way
    Galaxy relative to the Universe
    (all of which contradicts flat earth conjecture)

    The magnetic field of both our planet and our individual selves are
    toroidal. Only our internal informational energetic “sun discs” are “flat”
    (think Tron) alike to our galaxy, but atoms, planets, and stars are all

    Please do not entertain such nescience, or promote or encourage the victims
    of the psy-op to remain in their ignorance. It has already taken good
    researchers, like Santos and Marty Leeds… very sad!

  • ASTAR Rastar

    Sevan…As far as i can see this information, and its very comprehensive,
    is the best i have found to date. Therefore it needs reading carefully and
    methodically. If he is correct and personally i feel he is, or very near.
    Once understood, it shows EXACTLY who we are and the nature of the
    illusion, all else is nonsense and just perpetuates the hypnotic TRANCE.
    Anyway i will leave it with you….
    The Blog is 100 pages long, it needs reading in totality…Take care….

  • Daniel Martins

    thank you very much. .I’m going to share this. .. I was so happy on that
    day that you made your first flat earth video..bc you are on another

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