The Real Truth On Donald Trump That Everyone Needs To Realize NOW!!!

In this video, we go over some very uncomfortable facts about the latest foreign policy decisions that will have disastrous effects on not only the U.S but the world. No, we are not talking about the travel ban, but the core root of this issue that needs to be stopped immediatly and has been carried out for the last 16 years. If you want more news like this dont forget to share this video and suport it on

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  • William Roberts

    he didn’t start this war he inherited it. the past administration never
    tried to actually bomb the threat. They would bomb everything but a
    legitimate Target. My Hope Is that they will actually bomb the right
    targets and crippled the opposition. in one week Putin did more damage then
    America did in the Years. hopefully working together they can take out
    their Munitions and supplies and turn it back into an ideology instead of
    an army. At that point you don’t need to be bombing anything. But until
    they can get rid of all the weapons that Obama gave them they are still an
    army. but I would bet within the year most if not all the bombing will
    stop. If Trump can’t see a game coming from millions of dollars and bombs
    he will not continue the project. but the guy has been in office a week and
    his already done more than most presidents do in their career. Has you
    really had time to sit down and analyze the complicated Wars going on
    overseas? he’s already performing at Breakneck rates and it’s not good
    enough. ICB patient and give him at least adequate time to address the
    situation. He said he was about America first. Well that is where he
    started! and if the Democrats could get off his ass maybe he can move on
    from American problems in the border to overseas problems.

  • Richard Grace

    people die every day! that sucks but that is life, one place cluster bomb
    another a trash truck. not to be cold it just is what it is. life is
    precious but a 10 point buck spearing a child in the front seat of a car
    doesn’t know that it is. some things are going to happen regardless of good
    or bad intent…SHIT HAPPENS don’t take life to seriously you’ll never make
    it out alive! oh and have a nice day

  • David Keeney

    This is a tragedy and I hope it never happens again. I’m sure trump knows
    about this and is going to take every step to make sure it never happens
    again. I really hope so. Trump is doing so much good though you cant deny

  • Cody Chismark

    common sense Luke. You and I have it, but many do not! I voted for Trump
    but watch him like a hawk. I do not care about the travel ban. The Wall
    would be nice. But continuing foreign policy that has FAILED for 16 years
    is not what I voted for.

  • llg4ever

    Luke … relax man, Trump can’t get his appointees confirmed yet to be able
    to do what you’re talking about, he needs help in there. You’re right,
    where were those protestors (more like rioters) when we were bombing the
    living hell out of those countries?? Or what about Obama’s Iraqi ban that
    no one complained about??

  • debiase101

    Fair enough about the US SEAL… however he took the mission, therefore he
    had a choice in whether he lived or died. I don’t feel sorry for him dying,
    but it’s senseless nonetheless. The true responsibility for wars lie with
    the soldiers that go, for without them there’d be NO FIGHT.
    Not suggesting that people don’t have the right to defend themselves when
    war comes to their doorstep, but war is dirty business & only death comes
    from it.

  • Nathan Riva

    Oh man the people who think Trump is the saviour are hilarious! The right
    left paradigm is back in full swing. The phenomenon of clamouring,
    grovelling, begging, and believing with all your might that this man; whom
    you’ve never met, never will meet, and have nothing in common with,
    actually cares about you and is going to go after the “elites” is such a
    ridiculous notion. However, it’s not surprising considering we have been
    ruled by tiny elite cliques for centuries, if not millennia. The majority
    of the masses will clamour like the slaves we are to the next person who
    promises things will be different. It’s a sad, vicious, and disturbing
    physiology default in many people’s minds. It’s like a women that gets beat
    over and over again by her husband, only to go back saying “oh he didn’t
    mean it, and this time it will be different “. Go ahead Trumpians, grovel
    and act like abused slaves, throw more of your human dignity away for some
    guy with gold plated walls. I refuse to be apart of it, and this system.
    Absolutely laughable what is going on in the “alt community”.

  • nihilistic tendencies

    yes luke, youre clearly anti state. that is your bias, no matter what you
    will always oppose governement even to a fault.

  • Scott Kunkel

    man you do a great job! I’ve been leaving comments on these other
    alternative media channels telling them Donald Trump is no different, that
    they’ve been fooled, and they always have some excuse. Finally we have you.
    Someone that tells the truth no matter what! because that’s all that

  • Rob Moffit

    I still wonder, if these boogeymen were so smart and powerful, why they
    haven’t walked up and killed any of out parties authorizing these
    killings.. It’s a big show

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