Artificial Intelligence will Destroy Our Humanity

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  • IgnacioAgramonte


  • ElectroPig Von Fokkengruuven

    LIL’ WAYNE FOR FEDERAL RESERVE CHAIRMAN!!! At lease he gots a gode toof fuh backup an’ shit.


  • IgnacioAgramonte


  • john clark

    it will be a combination of the terminator,I robot star wars the matrix and demolition man and should I go on what I have noticed about Hollywood movies is they have projected the future in such a way it makes sense that the Illuminati write the scripts for the movies that come out the directors take the credit for the writing of the scripts which we all know that Hollywood is telling you what is going to happen through the movies I just mentioned drones will very soon will be able to complete strikes without human intervention robots are already out

  • john clark

    David Ike has already blown the door wide open on the Google agenda which Google and Face book are all controlled by the elite hidden hand global agenda New World Order bullshit we will have to endure which I would rather Die than be a slave ran by machines all the terminator movies told us what will happen once computers become self aware we are fucked

  • Martha Lever

    Please don’t stop connecting Biblical prophesy with all this insanity. It’s all Biblical. Do you watch Nicholson1968? You should have him on your show. Thank you, Christopher. Looking forward to the documentary.

  • Frog

    I read a book called technocapitalism, and it describes the power of technology over human nature, and how it has become an ADDICTION-BASED ECONOMY. It’s not a very uplifting book, as it eludes to the idea that the future ‘currency’ or the most valuable commodity of the world will be human attention/interaction itself.

    You can kind of already see it. The most basic meaning of life was to survive and reproduce, and yet both of those things have either become too easy or unfulfilling.

    I’m becoming more of a Luddite every passing year, because technology is the one thing that never moves backwards, while human nature stays relatively the same. Is the fate of humanity to displace itself? Is being human too much work?

    Maybe the future is completely decentralized with even the market place of ideas being in a hierarchal structure. For example, if there was a censoring of the Internet, people would just find alternative platforms like steemit, where only common consent of ideas are ‘up-voted’ to receive the most exposure. It’s a crazy world we live in

  • Julie D

    Scary!! I had nightmares about chips being inserted into people & driverless cars etc a long time ago & now its happening!!

  • john clark

    Hollywood is the whistle blower if you pay close attention to certain movies like the terminator they buit machines that took over the entire planet after a thermonuclear war we are being told what is going to happen I don’t want to be a slave to technowlegy that man created to enslave humanity they will eventually play out of the book of REVELATION that Jesus Christ himself which is God by the way in flesh is telling us in his word that this is going to happen and anyone excepts this will wind up in hell the mark of the beast is real and is being excepted RIGHT NOW LOOK UP THE RFID micro chip the rapture of the church is right around the corner it will happen when you hear of children across the globe that have disappeared car crashes that have a high volume across the globe missing persons reports that have never been seen before in the history of humanity on a global scale then that’s when you will know that Jesus took his people home if you hear the Gospal and reject it your torment in hell will be far worse than those who never heard it repent while there is time left to do so the hour is close to rapture don’t put it off any longer the for Christ is now read the gospel Matthew mark Luke John are book that are a great start to understand everything you need to know about Christ and his entire life from birth to crusafiction to burial to resurrection then read 1st and 2nd Corinthians then read the entire book of Revelation then make your choice either to except a newness of life through Christ or burn in the flames of the lake of fire for all eternity we already know which way it will go no stopping it if it were not going to happen then God himself would have never warned us about the things in REVELATION GOD CANT LIE HE IS A PURE AND HOLY AND JUST GOD THAT WILL JUDGE THE WORLD ACCORDING TO THEIR WORKS AND THEIR GOOD AND EVIL DEEDS PLEASE EXAMINE YOUR LIFE YOU DONT WANT GOD DOING THAT ON YOUR JUDGMENT DAY BEFORE YOU HAD THE CHANCE TO ASK CHRIST TO COME INTO YOUR HEART AND LIFE

  • Andreas Schwarzkopf

    I don’t like the idea of solar fields and then deliver the people with power. On the end its a replacement from what we have now and need to pay per month again. No instead of we need “green houses”.

  • Philosophic Rift

    You missed the arrogance,

    To error is to be human therefore humans are obsolete.

    Elon also has said he thinks humans may exist to be a hard boot for a.i.

    What is the purpose of education if there are no jobs?

    The dissonance is stunning.

    We go to school to learn a profession.

    There are people in college now whose degrees will be obsolete in 10 to 20 years.

    What happens to all that debt?

    Can’t file bankruptcy on it, courts going to garnish basic income?

    Utter stupidity letting automation occur unregulated.

    If there are no jobs then what becomes of the need for education?

    What is our role in this new world?

    Our government has made every policy go through to encourage population decline.

    We have about 1 million abortions a year and immigrate 1 million foreigners a year, see what they’re covering up?

    We’re going extinct.

    3rd world countries are people farms for the U.S. now.

    I firmly believe robots will one day pay to see humans in the zoo next to the Panda exhibit 🐼

  • Jeremy Hughes

    Hey Chris that’s my Shirt I want it back the dry cleaners been trying to call but your to busy trying to save the *World* There are more important things happening like my fuc#ing missing SHIRT Chris I will not buy another bugout bag till I get my shirt back m8 ……..

  • TheMrZombified

    Could it be the reason humans are here is to create a hybrid human/computer? Maybe that is are purpose in the grand scheme of things.

  • Daniel's Legend

    Why is he talking like “humanity” and “jobs” are something worth to “protect”? Sounds more like a slave fighting for the stuff that enslaved him.

  • diomedes atienza

    if we lost our job and the AI continue the operation of those company its means we cant afford to buy the product of those company cause we have no money, we have no job, AI is not wort for Capitalist system,your right they just destroy human life,

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