Sofia Smallstorm “The Code Words In Podesta’s Emails Lead Me To Believe Pizzagate Is Real.”

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  • Catherine O'Connell

    PEDOS IN POWER! Lucifer Satan Worship >>> Agenda for human dominance >>>
    the curtain pulled back revealing the Land of Oz! Check out the women
    burning man marches.

  • Chris Hanslip

    There is no evidence these words were used in ANY other documents other
    than the WikiLeaks documents. Google the term, search the terms in porn
    sites, you’ll realise the words are made up. Makes me question Ritchie’s
    complacency and the guest for this BS

  • Kara O'Connor

    You know over the past few years we are becoming more and more aware that
    there are pedo rings in vast numbers amongst the elite. There is alot of
    talk about it but what is actually going to happen? Does anyone believe
    they will be brought to justice??? It’s a legitimate question people.

  • VeganMikey V V

    It is a hilarious “coincidence” that the senator who introduced mandatory
    vaccines and the “children’s” bill is named Richard PAN, as in pansexual,
    as in pan, the half goat Greek god associated with sexuality, worshipped
    and reference by many elites, said to play a flute to lure children.

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