What You Need To know About The Violent Protest and Riots At UC Berkeley

In this video, we give you a rundown of all the latest news coming from the violent protests at UC Berkeley where Milo Yiannopoulous was suppose to give a speech. We go over and not only cover the worst acts but also the complicity of main stream media, Hollywood celebrities and the police force in this attack on free speech. For more news like this donate to us on https://www.patreon.com/WeAreChange

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  • Coke

    Cops don’t do shit, media portraying this as a good thing, Sarah
    Silverman’s agitating tweets.. Couldn’t be more obvious. The (((jew)))
    world order. If you don’t believe me, just research this for 5 minutes.
    You’re welcome.

  • DragonHammer4

    I will beat the shit of of those kids. And this is what the left doesn’t
    realize….we have more guns than they do and we will defend ourselves

  • Anti Feminist (DangerousDellusion)

    And just because Conservatives haven’t matched them yet doesn’t mean they
    are weak, these commies will get a rude awakening if they push it.
    Retarded, they have to be, to think anyone is afraid of them, no everyone
    is aside from you commie fucks regardless of political ideals is civilized
    but when that changes they’ll be shocked.

  • Titus Frost

    I personally can’t stand Milo, but this is bullshit. Even if I disagree
    with that controlled op douchebag Milo, he has a right to speak. This
    libtard violent nonsense is going to feed into more Police State. Not good.

  • Chickmamapalletfarm

    Thanks for his video! I am super tuned in, and I didn’t even know that
    there was such a thing happening at UC Berkeley.

  • Joodeechop 74

    Now we see who the real nazees are.Shutting down free
    speech,bullying,intimidation,They say they are anti fascist but they sure
    smell like brown shirts.This is the trick.This is how they pulled this off
    on the German people in the 30’s

  • Fate Brought me subs (Pepe Speaks)

    saddest part is trump is becoming the best president in long time real fast
    it’s the people and Soros that’s making this a media and a drone war using
    angry minions

  • Bob Papadopoulos

    This is the left!! They’re bitches!!! They claim feminists & then claim
    Muslim on the other hand. They’ll lose!!

  • Dj Dorcol

    Lies, insults and pure hate r used to legitimize the violence toward
    American patriots.
    This is fake media doing, Where is the police? Who is going to get fired
    over this?

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