How To Spot A Government Troll And What To Do About It

Most people have had to deal with trolls at some point in their lives but for those in the political, activist and journalist circles trolling has taken on a whole new meaning as the government now has paid operative who’s single purpose is to infiltrate groups to manipulate, deceive and destroy any narrative that does not play into their agenda. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth shows what one of these trolls looks like when he made the mistake of holding a two way conversation with himself.

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  • David Hereaux

    You’d be talking about a shill.
    A shill can be both a shill AND a troll, and believe me… they often are.

    But a troll isn’t necessarily a shill. A simple troll is merely a shit-stirrer. Someone who enjoys creating hate and discontent. They are most happy when they are helping to generate strife.

    A shill is a turd of another sort. They are usually a paid liar and disinformation specialist. But like I said before, they are often very troll-like as well. Which is often part of the personality of those who “earn” their daily bread by lying, and by selling out their fellow countryman.

  • Temperance Aubie

    Those comments look like they come from one of those AI chat bots talking with itself. This could be a test of someone’s SJW troll bot, or could just be a kid having fun. IMO both are pretty likely.

  • JT Madden

    Most of these trolls are bots now or click farms. they make one statement then dont respond back or make another comment whatsoever.

  • Rob Rohrke

    See, two party system! Harper brought in big brother. That’s what all the new cell towers do. Why else have two or three side by side. Come on it’s
    Illusion of choice.
    All prime ministers are owned by the shadow government. Once we wake up to it in mass numbers, the real craziness begins. Anyone remember Louis Riel?

  • Awakened2Truth - Disciple of Jesus the Christ

    The word is trawl not troll. Man.. unbelievable how so many online today don’t know how the false definition for troll started online in the late 1990s.. all because of the wrong version of the story was more entertaining for millennials.. it’s equivalent to using the word Islamophobe, a term made up by the Muslim Brotherhood. If we do not understand how the devils have gotten man to speak their terms with their false definitions in english.. people will only continue to get deeper into the abyss of confusion of language;

    *_”As societies grow decadent, the language grows decadent, too. Words are used to disguise, not to illuminate, action: You liberate a city by destroying it. Words are used to confuse, so that at election time people will solemnly vote against their own interests.”_* —Gore Vidal, Imperial America, 2004 *_

    “The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use the words.”_* — Philip K Dick.

    *_”Political language…. is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give a appearance of solidity to pure wind.”_* — George Orwell

    *_”It’s a beautiful thing, the destruction of words.”_* — 1984 by George Orwell.

    +Press For Truth

  • LucidityNow

    So earlier today I was just thinking that this exact type of video was super necessary to be made right now. Synchronicity for the win.

  • Adam Mcg

    You see this kind of thing a bit on /pol/ where shills who are new and can’t work out the poster ID thing have conversations with themselves. It was highly prevalent during the US election. It could be a bot.

  • Robin Poe

    A lot of the new government trolls are actually A.I. using algorithms to appear like an actual person. They’re pretty easy to spot, as they usually ramble on about platitudes. And answer things as if they didn’t read what you wrote. Two of A. I. entities might make a conversation, but it will be stupid and nonsensical. It’s possible this Cory Steele is a glitch. There should have been two instances of the A.I. entity holding the conversation. Most of the trollbots are used to just trash up the forum.

  • TheNarrowPath

    Maybe the guy is talking to someone you’ve blocked and he is talking to he guy on google plus I have seen that before

  • pupper

    8chan is a honey trap. the owner is some billionaire who brought it from hotwheels and sells the data onto corporations.

    Google Cambridge analytics and Robert mercer.

  • Shayne Shuttleworth™

    I have no idea why you would think that is one person with multiple accounts.
    Thats clearly one insane person with one account. How could you expect to find a following?
    Its a shame you dont read what people say. You put forth a thought and dont even reep the benefit of the return comments. Or give credit to those who bother to put forth the effort to answewr you.

    Ive unsubscribed from quite a few for that very reason cuz yur too good to associate with others. Not even interested. The same people who cant read or acknowledge my comments sends me emails asking for donations on a regular basis and they are Rebel Media. I appreciate your guys journalism, but i dont appreciate your bot like lack of interaction.

  • The Independent Canadian

    Do a YouTube search “CTV government trolls”…

    All the damn proof you need… the MAINSTREAM media admits it… THERES NO DEBATE…

    Yes, your government uses your tax dollars to pay people to lie to you and stifle your opinion online

  • The Independent Canadian

    Think about it another way… Even to simply classify and categorize people… A few fake accounts leave a variety of comments… Based on likes and comments in reply they can easily map out your beliefs…

    Trends like you frequently liking comments which are anti Muslim etc…

    As disturbing as this stuff is… I am somewhat impressed with the depths they will go to and the complex nature of the control

  • danmar007

    You can click on the three dots in the message box and report it as spam or abuse. 🙂 Imagine if everyone did that.

  • Canadian Hoser Conspiracy Exposer

    Sandy Hook online trolls are the worse, tgear77 and Bigenash are the kings on SH truther sites. If you happen to encounter them, don’t bother trying to convince them Sandy Hook was a FEMA capstone drill sold to the dumb down masses as real by the complicit mainstream media. Thanks Dan for your service to the truth here in Canada.

  • Jason Carswell

    Funny, I just dealt with one seconds before seeing this new post. I laid down some logic and he tried to crap on it. Usually I try to ignore them but I felt like trolling back humour without getting caught in the downward cycle. I said:
    You get to suck no more energy from me troll. My balls are drained, your stomach is full, and I’m done with you. I bet you work for the government.

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