UC Berkeley Burns to Ground Over Freedom of Speech

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  • Saint Columbo

    Pussies? 😂😂😂very mature mr green what a clown this man is! Using the
    word pussies because his hurt it’s quite funny and this guy talks about
    controlling his behaviour😂😂😂😂 agenda21 mr green you know that
    sustainable development agenda which freedom of speech is apart of, ??
    Rewilding big cities, an end to ownership, vaccines, renewable energy, !!
    But you n I know you won’t because you a shill just know you silly man
    people see through your rubbish!

  • Rahrah_wilson

    why are they not being called terrorist and thugs like black people when
    they protest? the system of white supremacy is starting to spew out like a
    dog with the shits.

  • Salve de Slave

    I lose my patience about Trump … a riot by liberals myst be stoped at the

  • Fadel Moon

    Chris trump threat Iran to attack it and war what u think of ur peaceful
    Jew trump and not threat Saudi Arabia, Iran fight the terrorists in Iraq
    and Syria and Iran allowed women to drive unlike Saudi Arabia then why he
    threat Iran oh yeah because of Israel what I noticed in USA every president
    two choices one puppet to Zionist Israel or globalist so if Hillary Clinton
    get elected u have globalist who want war with Russia when trump win he is
    Zionist puppet for Israel and want war with Iran u r fucked either way,
    America lost cause if like chris who blind pro trump just make excuses for
    him why he don’t threat Saudi Arabia that supports terrorists and killed
    thousands of people in 9/11 attack oh yeah because of money.

  • Elizabeth Vering

    I don’t care who funds Breitbart because they do good work. It was
    extremely tasteless and tacky to attack them today. Unsubbed!

  • No time for political correctness

    I hate to say this but I want a national announcement saying “Black Lives
    Matter and Feminism from now on will be treated as if you are terrorists,
    stop now or die, no more innocent people will be beaten to their knees from
    your feelings” because honestly we don’t have time for this shit, its about
    time this country grew some balls

  • Ed Johnson

    Dear American People … look at the comments below. How many of them are
    chastising the educators of America? This is the issue. And the vast
    majority of you are completely oblivious to it. The educators are
    indoctrinating America’s youth. This is a crime. What they are doing is
    filling young brains with anti American propaganda. Until this changes,
    nothing is going to change … it is only going to get worse. The educators
    have a responsibility to educate! Not indoctrinate! Dear American People
    … it is now up to YOU! What are you going to do to end this atrocity?
    What are you going to do to stop this deadly indoctrination of America’s
    youth? You going to wait until you are forced to use deadly weapons to
    defend yourselves and your family and loved ones from these heathens? If
    this doesn’t spark you to get off your furniture and head to the schools
    and universities to demand this ends and this ends now … then YOU are
    enabling your own demise.

  • michele oates

    i see a couple of links for petitions in the comments. just wondering if
    anyone has posted them the potus’s twitter page? pretty niffty having a
    direct voice to our pres.

  • Wade Rosteet

    Some of these colleges are socialist wanting communism and it is a danger
    to infrustructure and Constitution and needs to be shut down

  • Janis Rough

    yes the University knows how to ask for grant money. Remember the
    California Institute set up to study the genome before Bush signed?
    CAlifornia voters stupidly voted for that. They weren’t doing research for
    our health. All that money where is the accounting for that? This is
    California. Governnor Brown pays for failed bridges.

  • Phyllis Woods-Harris

    Beware I paid 10’s of thousands of dollars for my kid to be Brainwashed!
    This is what they learn in college.

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