Cheating In Relationships ~ When Is Enough Enough?

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  • Reeta Harrison

    what if the person forgive their spouse …… BUT always reminds them of there wrong doing……..
    {I’m in a positive relationship no cheating }
    But my husband is a product of a cheating relationship in which his mother cheated, got pregnant and out came him….. she stayed with her husband but didn’t tell my husband until he was 22 that the man he called Dad is not his real father……… we are both 36 years old……… but I believe his ” step dad still brings it up to his mother….. so do one ever get over being cheated on?

  • Jaralle Davis

    Though I wasn’t married, my ex took me back about 3 or 4 times before she had enough. I just didn’t know how to stop. I wanted to stop but i didn’t know how. She attempted to help but the procedures and things she tried wasn’t what i needed in order to make a true change. I wish she would’ve understood certain things i was dealing with that i didn’t even know i was dealing with. I didn’t blame her for anything and i didn’t want things to turn out that way. I told her all of these things months after it was over. Ayida is 10000% right. Being heavily exposed to sex at a young age whether it be pornography, a family member bringing women over, or having magazines under the mattress. Coming up through adolescence its hard to understand and process those thoughts and feelings from childhood. Did you make a video about that yet?

  • sexyvita88

    You two i.e the LenonHonor Family make me believe in REAL LOVE again…….because my Love Life is at, I will never love a man again for cheating on me…. but seeing the Love you two have for each other give me High Hopes……

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