Norse News – Episode 1 – Sweden’s Titanic Nationalism

Norse News is here! A monthly update on the horrific things that are going on in Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia. Sweden is the canary in the multicultural coalmine. What happens here will come to the rest of the Western world if we don’t say: Stop it right here!

Norse News is keeping an eye on the North. We give you the latest news and scandals from Scandinavia.
Norse News is a collaboration between Red Ice TV and Ingrid & Conrad.

Stories covered this show:

1. Political Scandal of the month: 2:33
Katerina Janouch, a Czech born Swedish author expressed concerns in Czech television over how Sweden is developing – and gets scolded by Sweden’s Prime minister.

2. The problem with Sweden 9:42
We suffer from Titanic nationalism. Sweden is the “unsinkable nation”. We are so convinced that our society is the best and most stable that has ever existed. Nothing bad can ever happen to us.

3. Sweden Crime Update 16:13
* The live streamed rape on Facebook
* Shopping mall “Nordstan” in Gothenburg deemed a no-go zone
* Does Malmö need military intervention?

4. Latest in Migration Scandals 33:12
Swedish municipality Hultsfred stops welfare to immigrants

5. Idiots in the Media 39:20
Peter Rawet, from the Swedish Television, makes a fool of himself outside the Trump inauguration. You’ve never seen anything like it!

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  • Nothing_Much HereToSay

    I’m honestly hope you guys have whitepills, because I’m assuming that
    Sweden’s Government covers up ALL forms of criticism and you only see the
    majority of Mudslims in the cities. I’m certain the rural and suburban
    areas have Swedish patriots/nationalists.

  • kbhanna24

    The swedish journalist who interviewed the Trump supporter! That is one of
    the most hilarious things i have seen!! HAHAHA :)

  • Andrea Ostrov Letania

    Sweden needs to resist the Demographic Imperialism implemented by its
    cuck-collaborator elites of Jewish Globalists.

    Viet Cong resisted American Imperialism.

    Swedes need to become Viking Viet-Cong, or Vi-Kong.

    Push out the demographic imperialists from Africa and Muslim lands.

    And deal harshly with the cuck-collaborators.

  • linda clark

    Proud DEPLORABLE Trump Supporter here! This reporter really doesn’t
    understand USA government. What a dumb ass! hahahaha!

  • Gil Gillespie

    I was already familiar with most of the issues covered here but watching 3
    calm and logical Swedes discussing their own genocide somehow made it all
    the more terrifying. The almost accidentally idiotic destruction of not
    only Sweden but Germany and France too through mass third world immigration
    is surely the single biggest catastrophe of our lifetime. We are talking
    about the end of entire countries here, thousands of years of history and
    culture dissolved within a couple of decades. As the brilliant Douglas
    Murray says: “Europe is our home.” But we need to start talking about
    possible solutions now. Surely, the first step is to take back the
    mainstream and educate the weak minded with a campaign of truth telling
    propaganda. And then? How do you fix a clash of civilisations? Usually, you
    need a war. Scary.

  • Gaylord Retclyffe

    Deliverance has got to come from the North since Germans have seemingly
    succumbed to the neutering effect of 70 years of Allied (Jewish)


    Nostradamus said that Europe will kick out the Muslims because of all this
    shit feed up people of Euope!!!.Stand up and SHOUT we are not gonna take
    this anymore!!!.Kick them sandniggers out.

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