“I Abandoned Antifa For The Identitarian Movement”

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange talks to one of the leaders of the defend Europe project by the identitarian movement Robert Timm. Who was a former member of Antifa in Germany but changed his political beliefs and became apart of Antifas arch rivals the Identitarian movement.

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  • Detroit - Aztlan

    he became an activist to belong to something and feel like someone as a teen.

    yall just civilized gangsters lol
    fuck the fuckery and fuck all systems they are all full of shit..

  • Jesse Curle

    Doesn’t this man realize how sketchy this is? I’m all for recruits but this man screams subverter or government plant.

  • Angra Mainyu

    To be fair I used to be a Libertarian Socialist (A group with VERY close ties to Antifa). But after a long study of history, I became far more of a Nationalist and yes I am still Socialist. Go figure…

  • naturalphilosophy

    This movement will just divide people further, what we need is something sensible like how about we safe zones for the Middle East and Africa and we realize that 16 people can be cared for over there compared to 1 person in the west. How about we show compassion to refugees and to sovereign nations. How about an anti war movement, a how about a centrist balanced movement?

  • boosomentity

    this is another danger of extreme leftism; in the unlikely chance they face the reality of their folly they can feel betrayed by the group and go too far the other way, and ironically those they once accused of being far right Nazis will be the same ones reeling them in towards the centre

  • Rolf Hakenjos

    You have left the Reichs colours red and black shaped into the antifa ss in a circle and switched over to to the turned down templers V a circle. Are you a sun hyroglyphe addict? Who is the Founder of the Identitarian. I googled and I found Switzerland, so neutral, so kind , so non agressive, so weak! Divide et impera! Watch chatzefratz and Giureh ( Dr. Sean Hross)

  • Shlomo Shekels

    He sure looks like nu-male Antifa;
    1. Problem glasses
    2. Hipster hair
    3. Prematurely balding
    4. Unkept beard

  • Andrew Tschuta

    “I’m really not a guy for extreme views.” LMAO this nigga was in Antifa ffs he traded one extreme for another. Stop being such a cuck Luke you know this crap is nonsense.

  • Rolf Hakenjos

    This man is very dangerous! Sounds good, but you have to look behind! Most of all Movements are steered by the secret sevices of the Matrix so called “states”, which are nothing more than NGO’s. For shure, we have to defend ourselves, but don’ t follow anybody, if you don’t know, where the money is from! So, make your homework!

  • Rudy Flores

    Is a economic thing. I blame the home country of the migrants and the government that turn the migrants home into a hell hole.

  • RWY36 CYQA

    Excellent reporting!! And he was right about” Talking to everyone ” At the end of the day we are ALL in the same boat
    and we have to STOP accusing each other for trying to sink the BOAT!! There is an ” EVIL ” at work here and it Isn’t us!!

  • Rolf Hakenjos

    Maybe he is from the german Verfassungschutz subdivision Sonnenstaatland who is now hatespeech controlling and intimidating german humans! And the BRD NGO NAZI successor so called Staat DEUTSCHLAND ( Bussines registration at the United Nations!) is paying him!

  • Cyberat Rodent

    When they gang up on you, that’s when you pull dual pistols and start blasting your way out. When the government is criminal, the patriot is the outlaw.

  • Professor Yakkington

    Antifa is not simply a far left activist movement, it’s a domestic terrorist organization propogating violence and fascism.

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