The Eugenics Program Is Working! Fertility In Men Down 60% Over last 40 Years


The eugenics agenda for a reduction in the global population is working as new studies show that fertility in men is down 60% over the last 40 years! In this video Dan Dicks of Press for Truth explains the part that the mainstream media is leaving out…the fact that is has been done by design by eugenicists who have an agenda for global population control.
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  • Press For Truth

    It’s beginning to be scary to even imagine what things will be like in 100 years from now…if we make it there that is!


    Well i mean it is only natural for a massive depopulation of the world. Already technologies can replace most labor jobs people do, and is only restricted by regulation. Once these technologies mature, and regulation keep up, people will be out of work.

    Add to that the limited resources left, the environmental damage, it is only natural that the elites depopulate the earth significantly. This will buy them time until interstellar travel can be realized.

    We might even see a quick depopulation via man made virus. Imagine when police and soldiers are replaced by robots. What will prevent the elites from wiping, say, 95% of the world population out? Leaving only the elites, and cream of the social pie.

  • John Galt

    It’s either in the Beer, BBQ, Chili or water! BTW – sweet n low was approved by FDA even though it was ant poison. Think about that.

  • papapapist

    Diet and environment are major factors in this i believe. Our outdoor and indoor lives are changing our dna m

  • Amethyst SLV

    also alot of men are going MGTOW because of the gynocentric society that we live in is designed to give women special privileges and men special punishments

  • diething1

    I sometimes wonder why people don’t believe in God when it is so clear that there are people that are higher than us that do. I think I may believe in God because he’s the last chance, because we cannot save us from ourselves.

  • Error404fucknickname

    Haven’t watched the video yet, but you need to be blind to not see we need to drop that population growth if we’re going to keep consuming like we are.

  • Free That's funny

    Get rid of the intelligent sheep no. 1….. import the uneducated, dumb down the masses, feed them bullshit over and over and over until they believe lies are the truth! …… you think the red pill isn’t real? Really? Here’s an experiment for you if you can still possibly think for yourself….. turn off everything electronic for one week…… I bet you can’t do it! 50 years ago people lived very happy without it and could think for themselves.

  • Mike Gyver

    Why do you think the Jesuits/Roman Catholic Church went around the world to destroy people that were naturally living off the land?

  • chris mclaughlin

    So, stop drinking Mountain Dew and eating TacoBell.
    Fracking is not a strategy to increase unneeded fuel reserves, it is an agenda to destroy all groundwater through deliberate contamination and force you onto the grid.

  • Crypto Frenchy

    Hey Dan. I’m the guy that always tell to look that the legal aspect of things. Today I want to bring your attention to another thing… a gentleman name Jan Irvin, he has a guest talking exactly about that @ Gnostic Media

  • Marina Meadows

    #RFDE #DirectEnergyWeapons Silent Holocaust happening for decades…. please research… I can also tell you more…

  • patches4daze

    Not Eugenics, this is a (((globalist))) plot to destroy the White Race. Notice it affects no other racial group other than people of European descent. White people stop having babies, leftists say bring in the third world immigrants & next thing you know we’re political and ethnic minorities that get outvoted every single time by hordes of black & brown people.

  • Sean Lemmermann

    A good book to read if you want to know about the mindset of leading neo-eugenicists is Charles Galton Darwin’s The Next Million Years. It’s in pdf form and you can Google it easy. Fun little known fact, the Darwin’s always married their first cousins (wedgewoods). Pains me to say but it’s true. Not a great book btw, but an important one. As for Charles Darwin, he had 10 children with Emma, most of whom suffered illnesses congruent with inbreeding. His own family was a eugenic experiment which I believe he knew that failed. “They’re not very robust” I recall him stating.


    Western Men, drop your seed at an ivf clinic for free. I have and now have 4 donor children and two of my own. There are ways to stop being wiped out.

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