Norse News – Political Scandal in Sweden After Preventable Data Breach

Ingrid Carlqvist and Daniel / Conrad joins Henrik for a special Norse News to discuss the political fallout after one of the biggest data breaches in Swedish history. This was preventable but happened because of government negligence and failure to act and take responsibility on part of several ministers. It’s becoming embarrassingly clear that Swedish politics is like kindergarten.

Norse News keeps an eye on the North. We give you the latest news and scandals from Scandinavia.

Norse News is a collaboration between Red Ice TV and Ingrid & Conrad.

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  • Felix Krull

    I don’t understand. If you get a vote of no confidence, you can’t just tell the parliament to get lost.

  • Simon J.J.

    I believe this is a deliberate act of sabotage , anything to undermine the stability of Sweden (or what stability remains).

  • Johanna Carlsen

    Swedish state going full communist style on their journalists but try and manipulate the public that they’re supporting free speech. Traitorous snakes.

  • park105

    Sweden has some of the most delusional, smug, ‘we’re more moral than you, look at how proud we are as we kill ourselves’ lefties I have ever seen. They tend to end their post condemning your country’s choices with “Greeting from Sweden” {SMUG} as if that gives them any fucking credibility. There’s nothing worse than a stupid man who genuinely believes he’s smart.

  • Víctor Andrés Piña González

    Excellent, everybody in Swedistan has been labeled and spotted. (((Big Brother))) on duty…

  • Pernila Gustafsson

    I have always enjoyed Ingrid Carlqvists analysis and commentary…However, I had wondered why she now always appeared with this runt of the litter named “Conrad”. Then I was sent from a source and I don’t know how true it is that Ingrid learned the hard way about Islam via being married to a Morrocan for four years in the early 90’s fair enough and that this Conrad fellow his her new toyboy husband!

    They also said he is a closet Jew! The name Conrad I know is a very popular name amongst Jews that’s true. Can anybody confirm this? Seems odd to me either way.

  • HDawgHK

    Love the show, well done to Henrik, Ingrid and Conrad. Good to see there are still a few patriotic Swedes with common sense left in Sweden.

  • realmakebelieve

    I am a southern belle, US, but aghast about what’s going on in Sweden, these days, as I am a Red Ice fan. I am sharing this on my social media sites. Astonishing, Henrik!!! Thanks to all three of you. It’s exactly the kinds of things that could be happening to the US, if Hillary were, now, our President. These liberals do *not* seem to *have the common sense that God gave a billy goat* is an old southern saying! They are like idiotic zombies!?

  • nick sweeney

    Criminal Incompetence & Treasonous Dereliction… Coming soon, to YOUR White Nation! The jewish infection, infestation & corrosion need first be identified, then thorough remedial protocol need subsequently be implemented. Sweden needs YOUR help: Please send A.K.’s, Sharp Knives & Coarse Hemp Rope.

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