HILLARY: ‘Future is Female’ to Divide & Conquer

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on Hillary Clinton’s First Statement After Epic Loss “Future is Female” a Divide & Conquer Strategy.
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  • Fernando Amrani

    I have a counter phrase for that “female” garbage: “And yes, the future is
    Human” chris use this phrase and the rest of the alternative media. Like
    you said fight fire with fire; in this case fight phrases with phrases.
    They want psychological warfare well then let’s give em some! share this
    everywhere #TheFutureisHuman

  • John Wayne

    She’s trying to set Chelsy up to take to the baton of this female
    narrative. Just watch we’ll see Chelsy come to the forefront of this women
    movement as the new leader anointed by both Hillary and Bill and thousands
    of the feminist nut cases will eat it all up.

    Such a divide they are creating

  • J S

    Dumb ignorant Hillary. There will be no future without men. It takes both
    to make babies. What are ya gonna do Hitlary kill the test tube babies that
    are male. I would never vote for you or any other female that is as stupid
    as you are. You Big Fat Whore or is it Lesbian Whore. . Fuck you I would
    rather see you dead. nowl

  • Felisha Carter

    ying and yang! we need are man just as much as are woman. you right!! men
    do what we can’t we do what they can’t 💜💜💜

  • mngolfer75

    I just can’t believe there are some people still listening to this
    criminal. Some one has posted an article, “Bill will testify against
    Hillary …”. Hope it will happen, which will put an end to many other

  • TRT Vitor

    She looks like some body from Men In Black who was abducted by an alien,
    had their skeleton and organs removed, and the alien is wearing their skin
    like a wet suit and the face is constantly malfunctioning/ looking
    suspicious AF.

  • Keepingit 4real3

    Don’t say females, it’s the feminist. that believe that BS. Hillary is a
    sick instigator who is reaching for straws. These female dogs make real
    women look bad. Why in the hell would a real women listen to a female dog
    who wants to be a man. Who will have oral sex with another women knowing
    how nasty a vagina can gets. Losers, low down nasty losers.

  • 1royathrone1

    Fortunately for Comrade Trump his supporters aren’t smart enough (DT-“I
    love stupid people!!”) to figure out the first thing he did was sign an
    EO that took money from middle and lower class FHA mortgage holders and
    gave it to the 1% swamp dwellers. They’re also too stupid (DT-“I love
    stupid people!”) to figure out he also signed an EO allowing the 1%
    swamp dwellers on Wall Street to risk everyone’s 401k and retirement
    funds. The middle and lower class hold 100% of the risk and Comrade
    Trump’s 1% swamp dwellers will walk away with yuuuuuge bonuses even if
    they lose every penny of your retirement funds.

    Yes, Comrade
    Trump is very fortunate that his supporters are too stupid to figure out
    they’re being sold out to the swamp. Which explains why he loves
    stupid people.

  • Gerald Parker

    “The world belongs to women” — thus sais Atillary “the Hun” Clittoon. What
    that witch means is that “the world belongs to wenches and hussies. It does
    NOT belong to such harridans, it belongs to humans, male and truly female.

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