“Diversity” Is a Weapon Against White People

Lana explains how “diversity” is being used as a weapon against White people.

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About The Author


  • überguy

    Of all the global atrocities and problems we face today; This particular issue was personally my outmost concern, i lived half my life in rabid hatred that left me awake almost half my nights as genozidal malice boiled in my veins as i already saw as a teenager the route Europe – my Germanic kin – was taking and i lived through its promises at school where all the dangerous bullies were of middle-eastern origin (and grew up to become murderous criminals, who knew?!). I ended that part of my life in perhaps my first selfless prayer ever and wanted to leave the world where men tried to govern men and instead chose a theocratical mean of life, to do service for God as it was the only thing that really mattered to me once all else in life brought only frustration and dissappointment. A week later the door knocked and they asked me if i wanted to get to know God and live for him (just like i asked for!) so i became a Jehovah’s Witness three years later learning that Satan (with all his Anti-christian ways of life) governs the world. Take it from me folks; We will NEVER achieve anything politically as true as greed make Satanists out of men at the top ranks aka global elites, our only hope are Jehovah God stepping in where he will bring health to the natural order. https://www.jw.org/en/publications/books/bible-teach/what-is-gods-kingdom/

    I’m not a racist, i love diversity of what it actually means; Preservered, segregated culturally and racial beauty, as this video explained eloquently. It is *unnatural* to have the entire world in a demongraphically flawed area on the map and in such a ridiculous amount you don’t even feel at home in your own birthplace. Once the world becomes a paradise without disease, aging death or hunger, there will be *no reason* for people to flee their homes into another continent for safety and food, all ethnicities will return home where they feel naturally adept and acclimatized. That is how i imagine it in detail. We shall all become friends, brothers and sisters in faith, and we may visit each other every so often as adventuring wanderers lacking no food on our journey; But our home is our origin.

    Thought i’d share what helped my teethgrinding ailment to ye all, for those who cared anyway. Enjoy yer day!

  • Homer Simpson

    Content like this really only confirms biases. Culture and lifestyle should be more of a focus, how to train for and find good employment in this era, how to eat healthy and workout, how to go about speaking (or not) politics in social situations, how to cook. The talk of this video is not so constructive as we’ve heard it all before and it won’t impress newcomers, unless there’s some edge, coolness, sexiness, sleekness, slyness, creativity, some developed political or economic coverage. This really is stale

  • Steve

    I Was born in the UK, but let me start by saying that my grandpa was a black Americana that came here to fight in the second world war thus my mum was born as far as anyone was concerned is black, though she is the most beautiful person in my world this is what I had to deal with growing up, I never knew that their was a problem with peoples colour though by the time I got to secondary school I soon realized that some would like to always point this out. The first thing I heard was the Jamaican being persecuted in Brixton London and then the slaging off of the Indians and the people of Pakistan, and when I spoke up and went against it then I was a target, but being called such things I found this a bit of a surprise because I did not even know what race my mother was this was at a age of 12 13 years old so I then had to ask. Only then was I taught about racism this was then going to lead to fights and a world of shit to work through. My journey has let me see whites that hate whites, whites that hated blacks and all the opposite that you can imaging. You see if you look at me you my think white boy, and that’s where every one that thinks this inherently wrong and have been influenced to be a racist I feel. I am now 50 years old and I have been to America in my time when I was there I was with what people saw as a white girlfriend and then racism smacked me in the face like a part of your constitution, now seeing what is unfolding is a sorry state of affairs. I feel a lot of people are made into racist they are not born one, I have a great plethora of friends and they were just brought up better its a case of nurture rather than nature and only stupid fucking parents that get the chance to have kids then impose their stupid fucking views on to their kids though some wake up and smell the coffee, some don’t, its a shame if I met you, you wouldn’t know and we would get on fine because we were brought up proper. The thing is I have been raised piggy in the middle.
    I don’t know how to break this down to people unfortunately they can only change them selves, so keep telling the world your story like me that’s all we can do its not colour that separate us its just our points of view. I know what side I am on because I share the same points of view as you so love peace and everything to wonderful people like you xx

  • Charles Claybrooks

    Lol…Let me educate you stupid white people…..According to genetic studies, blacks are the most geneficially diverse racial group on earth… Whites and Native Americans are the least genetically diverse groups..Studies show natural selection favors the most genetically diverse organisms at the expense of the least genetically diverse organisms….Therefore, white people’s declining numbers is due to a lack of genetic diversity…White liberals are unconsciously reaching out for a genetic rescue. Mexicans are a result of a genetic rescue..White Europeans attempted a genetic rescue by raping black slaves but the black slave’s and white slave owner’s offsprings didn’t claim the white race. Now white liberals are attempting another genetic rescue by embracing policies that increase the chances of intermingling with other races such as embracing immigration.. White people’s melanin dificient skin is dying out. Since the white racist identity is based on a melanin deficiency, white people will die out with their melanin deficiency if they don’t receive a genetic rescue

  • Mark Huggins

    The EU is controlled by globalist communists these are the people that are pumping vast sums of money into every anti white group there is

  • Steve

    Their are good and bad in every race of people I would like to say also that I know how you will all miss things when they are gone I like people that like people of all races they is an amazing diversity of people all have beauty like yourself so for all the people looking for something to pick on about you fellow human being you are a human doing!! The worse thing for the human race, what will you be picking on when everyone is a mix of everything all I see is stupid fucking people not what colour you that don’t change the fact you are being a dick if you think the race and colour is the real point of view WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!

  • Los 23

    If you wanna see real diversity go Latin americas they have every shade of person every type of race. Look how they live majority is in poverty. A life in Colombian is worth just a few dollars even less in Brazil!!!

  • Marcus Nero Augustus Mosley

    Maybe we should have lynch mobs waiting for every non-white about to invade our society so we reverse the trend having it be chasing the last non-white out or here.

  • MrMorethanexist

    The irony is that in every full on communist country there is no diversity. See china for details. I reckon we have to send them all back to their own countries and forget all this multicult shit.

  • Anon

    Diversity has been a Biological time bomb in the globalist campaign of white genocide. Go back to JFK when he first started to slowly allow The undermensch vermin into the USA, now we have a full blown underclass of border line mentally retarded dark skinned mutants living amongst us. This is a war on all white People, we must fight for our survival!

  • Jeffrey Young

    Code word for ANTI-WHITE, fuck diversity it means cultural, racial and societal genocide of white heterosexuals that are not leftist, liberal degenerates that want a godless, homosexual, transwtf ever twisted, unnatural, hostile society that runs on hate=diversity

  • kingsportcal

    White people came to this land and killed MILLIONS of Indians. Then made America on the backs of the people they killed. White people are immigrants.

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