Fascinating NASA map shows Antarctica Ice-Free: Evidence of Human occupation?

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-Article From: Ancient Code

-Narrated by: Truth Perception

Music by: Kevin Macleod

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Fascinating NASA map shows Antarctica Ice-Free: Evidence of Human occupation?

The Ancient Antarctica Maps
(Ancient-Astronaut Arguments) Youtube Channel

NASA | The Bedrock Beneath
(NASA Goddard) Youtube Channel


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  • Blakefor8

    a completely different perspective. Have you ever wondered why you or me or
    anybody else is not allowed to go to Antarctica to explore. Have you ever
    wondered why no one has ever flown over Antarctica. Why don’t commercial
    aircraft don’t fly over Antarctica to save time, fuel, money like the do
    the north pole. Have you ever wondered what is so important about
    Antarctica that the most powerful nations in the world have signed a treaty
    (the Antarctic treaty) not allowing private ownership of land, corporate
    ownership or exploitation of the resourses. Because Antarctica surrounds
    us, it’s not a continent. it’s a ice wall that surrounds us. Kinda like

  • Giuseppe Favaloro

    Why is the last map not shown on the screen and was blanked out as no
    visual picture.
    There is a reason that got eliminated and it’s not because the guy is full
    of it! It’s because he is dead on correct!
    The idiot that posted BS is just as I typed it! A idiot!
    Remember this one thing all you simple minded ones….. Not all that is
    taught is fact! In reality, it’s a probability at best! A quote I thought
    of while hanging around with a friend whom is graduating college to become
    a Psychologist. I bursted her bubble when she kept on predicting my
    intentions and or using her taught knowledge as a fact due to probability
    umongst the masses of tested subjects. Example: So if 90% do what they do
    is for this reason that means it 100% true as fact for everyone!! What
    about the 10%?
    Use your Common Senses people! For it’s not common anymore! A World full of
    sheep is what the media wants you to be! Don’t open your eyes to knowledge
    and just be like the rest and do as told or else! Ugh!

  • Lee Veltman

    Ever heard of Pangea? Hollow earth and the admiral Byrd story about Nazi’s?
    The treaty about Antartica? Aliens? Lol. You’re cracking me up smalls.

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