New Independent Politics in Florida & Beyond with Steven Machat

Independent candidate for the senate in Florida, Steven Machat, discusses the failure of the two-party system, end of the Bush family’s influence, and the need to redirect the political energy in America back towards the people. Legal marijuana, ecological conservation, and dismantling the debt system that creates wage slaves–along with the viability of third party candidates is all discussed in this uncensored Buzzsaw interview, hosted by Sean Stone.

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Steven Machat is an unconventional Independent candidate for Florida’s United States Senate. Machat has been a Democrat and he’s been a Republican. He knows that both parties have been bought and paid for by the special interests.
A graduate of the University of Miami Business School and Vanderbilt Law School, Machat’s professional career has taken him to all six continents. While in law school, Machat got his first experience with the nuances of party politics when he became politically involved Jimmy Carter’s daunting but successful campaign for President.
A lifelong deal-maker, Machat is a tenacious social activist and an avid historian. Machat has experienced our legal system doesn’t work as a Public Defender in Davidson County, Tennessee. In 1978, Machat became law partners with his late father, Marty Machat — a music industry legend. Working from offices in New York, Los Angeles and London, Machat executive produced, promoted and marketed their clients while protecting their legal interests. During his career, Machat has represented many famous worldwide music icons.
Venturing into the creative, Machat expanded into theater and movies. An author as well, Machat has written four books: Highways of Man – The Odyssey Almanac, Man, Community & Living The American Dream, Gods, Gangsters and Honor: A Rock ‘n’ Roll Odyssey, Sacred Knowledge, A Rock ‘n’ Roller’s Guide to Higher Consciousness.

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00:01 Welcoming Steve Machat to Buzzsaw.
01:07 Challenges facing candidates that are not in the two mainstream parties.
02:24 The basic points of Machat’s platform of preservation and people-forward priorities.
08:18 Confronting the center of power.
10:52 Are the Bush family over?
12:12 Taking apart the banking system.
15:48 Dismantling the party system.
20:29 The British economic hustle in history.
24:09 Credit slaves and the anti-Christian nation.
25:16 Permanent war and the game in Cuba.
28:26 The military-sports connection.
31:06 A message of love, and where to find more.
33:50 Thanks and goodbye.


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  • Denise Bourgoyne

    “The city that had the most slaves during the Civil War was New York”. 24:01.
    That’s not true. New York had the 2nd most slaves ( after Charleston )
    during the Revolutionary War. Not the Civil War.

  • spwkarlsson

    Great Show, Great Interview, but Suicidal on Mohammedan Basics..

    (they’re rather busy playing out the more “active” part in this Apocalyptic
    Yahwist Trilogy right now..)

  • jungleGSC

    I would love to see this guy get elected and I’m not even in florida. he
    and sanders could do some fuckin damage. seriously needs to happen.

  • Stephanie Blake

    I saw 20 minutes, and his emphasis on where is this money going is what I
    always said. No way would they legalize it if it were not for nefarious
    reasons. Everyone still gets drug tested [declaring one a criminal before
    any reason to eliminate them from jobs] and the rest he said. I had one
    plant growing in my yard, went on a trip and my neighbour said the cops
    jumped them fence and stole it.

  • Moe Jaime

    lol maybe you just have shitty genes you old fart ! maybe stop eatting so
    much shit and you will not get sick ??

  • jlrockafella

    he keeps talking about learning your history but then talks about Lincoln
    being some great hero. he didn’t mention that he had to run multiple times
    to win a election or that when he ran the 1st time he promised NOT to end
    slavery because it was bad for business, funny how later he changed his
    mind to use slavery against the south only to win the war and not because
    he gave a shit.

  • jlrockafella

    I don’t agree with his socialist views because they always get taken over
    by Communists but if he is against big pharma and big banks and supports
    FREEDOM, meaning that you can’t screw over personal liberty for the benefit
    of the majority, then I’ll support him.

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