Dangerous Neocons Push Donald Trump Against Russia, Putin Responda

In this video, we give you the latest news on Vladimir Putin Russian foreign policy moves in reaction to Donald Trump and NATO. As neo cons seem to fill Trumps Administration the rhetoric and military maneuvers are heating up from both sides as its looks the tension between Russia and the U.S is not going away anytime soon. For more news like this invest in us on http://wearechange.org/donate/

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  • Vladimir Ghahramanyan

    Putin will still outclass Trump for one simple reason, he is in charge of
    anything that is happening in Russia and depends hardly on anyone. However,
    I still think Trump is a way better choice than any other politician in
    current USA. He is just being attacked on all sides by these wimpy,
    victimized and brainless “people” in USA. And it is a tough fight.

  • Sputnik Media

    wrong LUKE … The national security advisor General Flynn has spoken out
    against Russian sanctions and has called for better relations with Russia ,
    also Rex Tillerson the Secretary of State has recieved the friend of Russia
    award by Putin and he too has been an advocate of renewing relations with
    Russia . I think what Trump does is put people in his cabinet that have
    varying views and opinions and not everybody agrees . He does this to get
    all sides of the issue and then Trump does what Trump wants to do .

  • Sputnik Media

    You are getting cart ahead of the horse. Trump has not been able to even
    get his policy together yet .. SOS just now got confirmed.

  • justice4germans

    really doubt the POTUS gets to choose who they want but he knew what he was
    getting in to just as he knows Israelis did 9/11 but keeps bringing up the
    Muslim bogeyman

  • InfiniteNallidge

    Wanna end all wars globally? Each countries of the world should pass laws
    that permit seizure of personal assets over 5 million dollars with
    declaration of war. While you’re at it get rid of national media platforms.
    Then you will see the roach’s scramble to overthrow government thereby
    identifying themselves as the puppet masters inciting backlash and/or said
    roach’s will work concertedly to keep the peace to keep their assets in
    place. Obviously would never happen, but fun to see the outcome!

  • CaLMCee

    Uh Oh :/ early days but doesnt look good. then again i think trump may
    neutralise the war hawks hes beena man of his word and still expressed open
    interest in speaking with Putin

    The miltary actions of Russia will be precautionary in response to Trumps
    cabinet understandably but it is far too early to make damning statements
    like Trump is the same as Obama

    Take a deep breath Luke

  • Gregg Wion

    Humans ( of earth) are not a ” people”. The only ones whom, might qualify
    to be refered to as “people” must actually live through the period, period.

  • Natalie Koss

    I do not believe that Trump is a Puppet and I would not be surprised if he
    sends all those warhawks to the front line. He is setting them up for

  • Marcello1b

    So, it appears that Obama is still working “behind th you curtains”… So ,
    it appears that USA has two presidents…….

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