NZ Elections: Does Your Vote Really Count?

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  • Axe Man

    13 Minutes, one fact filled, hard hitting account of one issue, you are getting the idea Vinnie, keep it up.

    Have you seen James Corbetts 9/11 video? it’s 5 minutes and nails the facts of the issue in a funny fast paced way that even normies can’t help but be effected by.

  • likkik

    what people NEED TO REALISE is that politics is all a SHOW..all the people you argue about are PUPPETS…Key,Trump or anyone else saying “you will get more money,more healthcare,more justice” etc,etc…what he is doing is perpetuating the CONS and SCAMS that are money,medicine,science and law..when politicians start telling people to create their own abundance and health through their connection to SOURCE …then you will know the CON and SHITSHOW is about to end.Meanwhile the people and entities that really GOVERN-MENT(control your minds) continue to laugh at trump or putin supporters etc while controlling things at much deeper levels.The so-called “alternative media” is just as bad as mainstream with their trump and putin hero worship..those guys have no REAL power.

  • Rev GC

    Keep it up Vinny! I’ve been spreading the same message as long as I have been of voting age.
    Now I see the sense in voting, if only to strip National/Labour/Greens of some of their unholy power.
    This election I will be leaning on NZ First and the TOP party to do this.
    I suggest everyone that is paying attention does something similar.

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