Wikileaks Vault 7 & The 5 W’s Explained

In a series of cryptic tweets Wikileaks has released 5 photos asking the questions who, what, where, when and why vault 7? In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth gives his analysis as to the purpose of these apparent hidden messages. Support us on Patreon ➜



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  • clixbits

    I have the feeling that the 9/11 information is about the only thing
    keeping wikileaks ‘safe’ atm. Like you I doubt they’ll play their Trump
    card (pun in tended).

  • Spiral Journey

    Bill Gates is a major contributor to the Svalbard Seed Vault. No GMO seeds
    are allowed, btw. There was a fire there a few years ago, I thought

  • MrKingmino

    9/11 files revealing the Pentagon and Pennsylvania sites, had engines from
    CRUISE MISSILES recovered. They would be in those vaults we all know about,
    with other evidence.

  • Brent Russ

    Good analysis, like you I think the cryptic game playing here smells like
    “limited hangout”. At the same time, however, I also understand that
    WikiLeaks, on its face, must hold back some “insurance”. This ultimately
    begs the question; “what are we not seeing, and why?” The power to manage
    perception through not disclosing certain hidden information is more
    insidious than the power to manage perception by revealing hidden

  • K Flo

    “When is vault 7” with an engine? Yea, so basically they’re going to
    perform another 9/11 on us and they’ll have all the food.

    “2017 will blow you away” we’re screwed

  • christopher warren

    I think you may be onto something Dan. I know that Wikileaks has a 10 year
    track record of truth. They spend as much time as necessary to vet the
    information. This may be the reason they have yet to release it. As
    powerful as the truth is, we are inundated with distracting narratives by
    the MSM. Perhaps this lead up is Wikileaks’ way of sparking advanced
    interest. This is the first I heard of the gold in the WTC. I know that
    evidence of thermite and molten steel is damning evidence of alternate
    explanations in 9/11. Over 2500 Architects and Engineers are calling for a
    new investigation. It’s pretty terrifying that the Bush administration
    perpetrated this horrible act on its own citizens in order to advance and
    agenda of installing central banks and ‘democracy’ in the Middle East, sell
    weapons through the Carlyle Group and strip civil liberties at home with
    the Patriot Act. In Victoria BC we had a couple entrapped into a terror
    plot of small scale. Fear mongering and the terror narrative brought us our
    Canadian civil liberty stripping Bill C-51. I sincerely hope that Wikileaks
    (and PFT) continue to bring the truth to the masses. Maybe 9/11 will be
    exposed and charges can be brought against the perpetrators.

  • TheDictatorRisesUp

    that first pic is of a us gov seed bank vault that host the seeds of most
    of the worls plant and crops. interested to watch the rest of the vid to
    see where it goes thouhj.

  • Josh Barber

    It could be that this information might purposely be released to have
    causation of a revolution. Which in turn could be martial law.

    For once think that Alex Jones and Julian Assange might also be puppets,
    purposely used to reveal truth for you to join this “resistance” to set up
    a perfect police state. People that actually do damage to this global
    agenda end up dead, whilst Alex Jones and Julian Assange are still walking

  • Memnoch “The Devil”

    dude please drink a glass of water or at least sling back from the mic. I
    really wanted to finish the video but the smacking I kept on hearing every
    time you stop speaking was driving me insane

  • PaPaPiKka 420

    nothing but a conspiracy. he tries to piece many different things together.
    makes general statements and uses many general terms/words. he asks thought
    provoking questions to pull you in rather than lay out logical facts to get
    attention. there was hardly any 100% factual info in this. and this
    content. im here to laugh at a mid life crisis

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