Grand Jury Started, Truth On Trump Calls Leak, YouTube Purge Oncoming

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on the Grand Jury that was started by Robert Mueller on the Trump Administration investigating Russia involvement in the U.S Presidential elections. The leak of Trump transcripts with his phone calls with other world leaders like the President of Mexico and Austrailia. Russia’s reaction plus a lot more.

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  • First Last

    It’s football season again. Dallas Cowboys are at the top of the headlines. Basically just a major distraction, which makes me wonder what they will try to slip past us. Thanks for the hard work Luke, really appreciate it.

  • lee cook

    Luke you are being really hypocritical by asking WHO leaked these conversations. I don’t remember you being so concerned about who leaked the Hilary and co server emails when they were released.

  • Kyle Schwery

    I think you need to join with other alternative medias even though you might not agree with them to help establish a community to fight the censorship.

  • Joaeph Cunningham

    Hey Luke. Have you and othet independent journalists and commentators looked into building your own video or live streaming platforms

  • DirbagDk BagBoa Bitch

    ive tried multiple alternative news sources and most of them lean left or right, never nonpartisan, so for the hard work you do to make sure we are getting the stories we NEED to know, I give you all appreciation and praise and I will make a donation to the cause. Keep up what you’re doing.

  • Danny Majors

    Like the video but we already have a base in Syria thanks to Obama not Trump, America has no right in Syria, so no reason to establish a safe zone or military base… Russia and the Syrian government does so whoever you got the article from is a Little wrong…

    Listen to Dave on x22 report. Just saying

  • Gems killed me

    I don’t think the leak really proved anything. Obviously he is going to care what people think of him. This is coming from someone who isn’t the biggest fan of Trump, but see’s him more as just somewhat useful and a better alternative to what our other option was.

  • Pablo Manchaca

    The US is not fighting ISIS AT ALL in Syria, they are supporting ISIS, FSA, and other terrorist groups. Furthermore, our planes are terror bombing Syrian cities, destroying them and killing tens of thousand of innocent Syrians. Russia alone is fighting to protect Syria and its people. We are there for one thing, regime change. Same game in Venezuela, Iran, etc.

  • Susan Miller

    Sadly, my first thought was that he leaked on himself to cause a media frenzy distraction from what he’s about to do…might be a bad weekend guys.

  • alex jones

    Views and likes on this video is a prime example of the views to likes not reflecting reality. I do wonder what the true views and likes for this video are.

  • Jodi Justice

    How are these private conversations obtained??? Is this not a security risk to our nation??? Why have there not been an arrest for this breach of privacy within our government???

  • Lorraine Hunt

    Hey We Are Change is there something we can do so that YouBoob realizes that we are not going to stand for this stealing away of free speech anymore? You are not the only one being screwed by YouTube!

  • GhostintheMachine

    Google sucks! I’ll be glad when young Youtubers start a anti-Youtube movement and turn against them. It’s only a matter of time. Google wants to be ‘main stream’, fine. Do it and say goodbye to your young audience, who wants nothing to do with your main stream old farts.

  • JaxWash

    Hey shit head, Trump signed the bill because he didn’t have the support to veto it. Stop lying to your viewers.

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