The Dollar WILL Crash By Design! – Josh Sigurdson on Spread-The-Word with Debra Cochran

Josh Sigurdson is interviewed on Spread-The-Word with Debra Cochran and Team on August 4th, 2017.
During the interview, Josh talks about why the monetary system is doomed to fail, how central planning perpetuates debt, inflation and devaluation as well as the main agenda of the global establishment to implement a global centrally planned cashless society which enslaves the individual to the government and banking system.
Josh also goes into solutions. The solutions are even more important than the reality of the coming global fiat crash. As interest rates are slightly pushed up, this will result in the central bankers attempting to lower them to prolong the crash, but it won’t work this time. This is why people have to have food, water, shelter, defense (guns) and sound money. Diversification is key! Gold, silver and cryptocurrencies!
Finally, Josh goes into what individual liberty means to him!

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  • magnus4g63

    Josh you do great work, and a lot of it, do you even sleep ? … you have my undying respect, fighting for true freedom #voluntaryism as you do.

  • paul sawczyc

    Money is all people know and it is what controls them – these “numbers” that control you will always be there.

  • Hugh Mann

    There are no surprises, mistakes or coincidences. Everything that happens is planned. The dollar will collapse when they’re good and ready to collapse it.

  • Free Independent

    GREAT interview, thank you! Sad that most people do not realize that debt is slavery. If they did, they would shun it and demand of their lawmakers an end to the fiscal insanity.

  • robert zelasko

    Hi every one, I’m a fan of your YouTube shows. It’s great to alert everyone about the coming dollar collapse , but I wish you guys would take it further to tell folks what to really expect. Here’s what’s happening one month after the collapse. All politicians have been killed except for the president. Any elite, rich, government employees were executed, even some of Hollywoods rich is gone too. We have went back to silver and gold as money. Real skills are a great value. Most of the laws and regulations have been taken off of our Constitution. We are free once more. Oh the rest of the world is fighting each other.

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