The Government of Mars Is Already Being Planned – #NewWorldNextWeek

Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. In this week’s episode:

Story #1: America’s $40B Aid Package To Israel Is “Largest Ever” To Any Country
#MorningMonarchy: Susan Rice Promises Israel “Largest Military Aid Package In U.S. History”
Israel Treating al-Qaida Fighters Wounded In Syria Civil War
House OKs Ongoing Cluster Bomb Sales to Saudi Arabia, Saying a Ban Would ‘Stigmatize’ the Weapons

Story #2: The Government of Mars Is Already Being Planned: A Glimpse at Martian Law
The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress – FLNWO #33

Story #3: Okinawa Residents Rally To Protest Crimes By U.S. Military Personnel
Wikipedia: 1995 Okinawa Rape Incident
Parts Unknown: Okinawa’s Laid-Back Approach To Life

#GoodNewsNextWeek: Radio Wins When All Else Fails + Confidence Poll & Music Camp

#NewWorldNextWeek Headlines: Makeup Pros, Actors Sought for VT Drill During DNC
Officers “May Have” Shot Orlando Club Patrons
The Orlando Shooting: An Open Source Investigation
Obama Wouldn’t Budge From Air Force One Until Game 7 Was Over
Zuckerberg Puts Tape Over Laptop Camera
Why The FBI Director Puts Tape Over His Webcam
Secretive $20B Startup Palantir Buying $225M Of Stock Back From Employees – In Exchange For Their Silence
Alex Karp, CEO of Palantir, Attended Bilderberg
The CIA-Backed Start-Up “Crystal Ball” That’s Taking Over Palo Alto (Jan. 14, 2016)
Flashback: Swedish Minister Dies After Stabbing (Sept. 11, 2003)
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  • TheAlchemystic

    James, I beg You, they didn’t to the moon even yet, this Mars malarkey is
    just a waste of our time and a distraction.

  • CmdrGendoIkari

    I would say the first people who manage to live successfully on Mars
    independent of Earth subsidization would be the people to decide a
    government structure for their planet.

  • Gerrit Harteveld

    The problem is that if a corporation gets to Mars first they are not gonna
    pay taxes to Earth. It will be a Company-State, something like the Dutch
    East India Company was. You can argue if the Moon is part of Earth but Mars
    is definitively not part of Earth and therefore no government on Earth can
    claim anything unless they get there first.

  • Arnold Gregory

    There is plenty of underlying logic when you consider the pecking order of
    things. Rothschild bankers control the money. They supply plenty of money
    to the US to use in furthering their Israeli project agenda. They loaned us
    trillions of imaginary dollars to destroy Israel enemies. Can we borrow
    money to fix our bridges and roads or guard the damn borders? No no can’t
    afford it. They run up a 40 billion dollar tab on our credit card to be
    spent with their defense industries. Really sounds like a defense industry
    bail out. Our unelected vichy government will rubber stamp anything they
    are told to.

  • malus911

    Its called money laundering. Legal of course. Btw, just wait till they
    start collecting money for the Mars missions. Taxpayer funded and looking
    to be more wealth sucking than the MIC…..

  • robert tadic

    Outraged at this ? The sheeple are too busy watching American Idol to
    notice. They will notice when the twinkies stop showing up on the grocery
    shelves because all those starving people in Israel need help…..
    Mars ? Total BS, they can’t leave our atmosphere, never have, never

  • JohnnyBlade2000

    The only thing the controllers can do is make a sci-fi movie of the Israeli
    government hoisting the Star of David flag on their new Zionist Mars
    outpost. Science knows almost nothing about the heavens and cannot break
    low Earth orbit. The whole idea of us having bases on Mars is not only
    amusing, it’s also preposterous. These Nassholes touted in the 1970’s that
    we’d have bases on the moon and Mars by the year 2000. Now we’ll have a ZOG
    government on Mars by the 2030’s? Keep shoveling it Major Tom. How can
    anyone take these ignorant clowns and their poorly orchestrated pseudo
    sciences seriously?

  • lneasy2

    Since Mars has less mass than Earth, the surface gravity on Mars is less
    than the surface gravity on Earth. The surface gravity on Mars is only
    about 38% of the surface gravity on Earth. Has anyone even considered what
    would happen to the human body as a result of any degree of exposure to
    such a dramatic drop in the gravitational pull of Mars?

  • Retsu Ichijouji

    The Freemasons are giving Israel all kind of weapons and ammunition so she
    can start WW3 against her “enemies” the Arab countries, just like Albert
    Pike told us.

  • James Purdie

    I believe there already is a Mars Colony. They wouldn’t tell the public of
    their advanced technology. Why would they?

  • not2tees

    “40 billion to defend against rocks, uh, militants,” says James EP. There
    is something so fundamentally wrong with minds that look at wonders like
    other planets, or this one of course, and think, “How to own?” If
    something’s sacred, you don’t think of owning it. To some, many things and
    nearly all things are sacred . . . except money. Vice versa for the ownies.
    They do have the technology to put up a USA sign above us, over the night
    sky, but there must be some shred of sanity left, seeing that they

  • David Lionofjudah

    Great report as usual! James, Something huge and deceptive seems about to
    occur surrounding Swissindo and a growing, fledgling group of Americans who
    reject the fraudulent, rogue, corporate, de facto government of the USA,
    Inc. and are attempting to reestablish the constitutional republic under
    common law whose offices have remained vacant since the Act of 1871. This
    story has been building for years, but is so misunderstood and shrouded in
    lies and secrecy, that sensible reporters won’t touch the issue. The main
    cast of characters include: Neil Keenan, Judge Anna von Reitz, Pete
    Santilli, General Dunford, Karen Hudes, Benjamin Fulford, David Wilcock,
    Anonymous, Galactic Federation, Court of Ages, Heirs of Creation, M1 King
    of Kings Mr.Sino (son of Soekarno?), Venus Project, Dragon Societies, and
    dozens more New Age NGOs.

    I think the M1, Swissindo gold handout, coupled with promises of
    “disclosure” , free energy, and Natural Law is the grand Trojan horse of
    the NWO, or the head of the serpent biting its own tail (the Ouroboros).
    The Asian royals are of the same ancient bloodlines as those of the West
    and are all connected through a web of secret societies whose hub is
    Switzerland. The goal is world tyranny, and as in the tidbit we are handed
    about Maritime Law being extended to Mars, human hierarchy will be extended
    throughout the galaxy in a new false paradigm.

  • elektron2kim

    Human government lost Mars when they fiddled with the constitution(s) there
    for own personal advantage that went too far and all of them had to escape
    to Earth due to a very violent revolution to stop this mad incompetence of
    mafia like behaviours.

    Ask yourselves why this sounds like an endless loop of doing it wrong.

  • Michael Reszneki

    What if they fake the habitation of Mars to get use to think it’s safe.
    Then they start rocketing out unsuspecting victims to their death….

  • Étienne de La Boétie

    Demographics are what the Israelis fear as an existential threat.
    Muslim/Arab infighting, arguably, benefits everyone in the world in
    demographic terms (and in preventing an Ottomanesque revival). Everyone
    knows why Israel is not welcoming refugees – the more that leave the areas
    around Israel the better, the problem of assimilating those that come into
    Israel doesn’t even come up because it is so obvious.

    The logic of US aid, and acting on behalf of Israel in general, is that “if
    Israel were to act unilaterally, the fallout would be much worse than if
    the US acts unilaterally.” Those Arab countries would be a lot more pissed
    off and prone to retaliate if little Israel was off staging coups and
    invading various countries in the open, but the US, and its relative power
    differential, means retaliation is far less likely. Israel is not
    necessarily the tail wagging the US dog. They use “unpredictability” and
    “extreme rhetoric/measures” (the Samson Plan, the madman theory) as
    deterrence/intimidation methods of diplomacy.

    The US and France and the UK are currently shifting the balance of power in
    the middle east from a coalition of the Egyptians/Saudis/Israelis to the
    Iranians, so it is predictable that Israel would be accommodated somehow.
    The US will ultimately need to peel Israel and probably Egypt away from
    Saudi Arabia (SA accommodates Israeli requests for airspace use) – everyone
    has by now noticed that Saudi Arabia is no longer the darling ally in the
    US MSM. I think this is a good thing, fuck Saudi Arabia, but it will be
    hollow if the US continues to back Turkey as they appear to be working hand
    in hand. [When we say the CIA is behind ISIS – this is such a ridiculous
    simplification – we mean the CIA knows who the Turkish and Saudi
    intelligence are working with on the ground]. The layers of strategic
    considerations in this area of the world is not, I think, very much
    appreciated by the conspiracy minded analysts. Sure the various governments
    are infested with spies from everyone else, but there are also constraints
    that they act within.

    Strange Bilderberg attendees: Palantir CEO, Coursera CEO, and Charles
    Murray (Harvard political scientist famous for the Bell Curve).

  • Bob Lake

    There is logic in this. Everybody around the world is getting ready for
    “the big one”. Israel is the west’s outpost in the middle east. Makes sense
    that their armed forces be boosted.

  • Zhang Wei Lee

    Rocks and stones vs. missiles and drones
    And the Goyim are taxed to fund Israel. The Goyim from every nation will
    fall to the Zionist parasites. God willing, the Zionists shall suddenly end
    and our lives will be joyous and decent and fair… Inshallah.

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