“Trump & Netanyahu Talk Peace When Israel & US Kill More People Than All Other Countries Combined.”

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  • S 2016

    Look who calling the kettle black. The hate monger himself preaching about hate. This f@@ker had all the love removed from his soul at a young age.

  • AuntiJen

    I]Most of our “AUTOPILOT” Foreign Policy was forged on the directives of Allen & John Foster Dulles. J.F.Dulles was quite meticulous concerning (rigidly outlined in Do’s & Dont’s) our “special relationship with Israel. The insistence of us never wavering from insisting the land within the Palestinian territories adopt a ‘2 state solution. This has SERIOUS IMPLICATIONS here, BC should Israel gain a singular State, A Jewish State. (as opposed to one thats secular, and inclusive FOR ALL CITIZENS)

  • Literally Pepe

    The Zionists control the world narrative has just collapsed. Netanyahu wants a one state solution with = rights for Palestinians. Obama stuck his fingers up at Israel as one of his last actions in office. Trump is pushing the zionist agenda yet is being bombarded from all sides and is fighting for his life. These thing do not tally if indeed the Zionists run the show because Trump is giving them what they want. This direct from zionism HQ; Netanyahu’s gob. Trump is clearly negotiating with Israel to get other Muslim states on board and it has clearly worked.

    I for one believed Zionists were the driving force behind NWO , turns out the zionists were just more useful idiots being used to attain one word Government. The only goal is one world Government. Sure many of the high ups may be Jewish, but it is evident now that this was absolutely irrelevant in the grand scheme.

    Either Trump is chosen and the zionist don’t hold power, or Trump is not the chosen one and the zionists don’t hold the power… nothing else makes sense…

    Unless that is we are now going to be forced to believe that Hillary et al are really the good guys who were fighting the NWO! We know that isn’t the case, US politics has been 100% dominated by scum for decades… so Trump MUST be on our side.

    You and David have got this completely wrong

  • AuntiJen

    II] We will have LEGALLY & INTERNATIONALLY surrendered any & all “rights” to own ANY U.S. property, BC the Native Americans have a MUCH BETTER/(Natives claim is by far much more diversely documented, historically much more recent…) by backing Israels supremacist desires for their seizure of their once upon a time “Homeland” Give every tool necessary (for Cherokees like me) to be granted back exclusive rights to our “homeland


    The western Jewdeo-Christian Zionist are the forerunners of the Dajjal anti-Christ the tribe of Gog and Magog the khazar jews israHELL

  • Christian Aylward

    Everything Netanyahu accused Iranians of doing, Israeli’s are doing. i.e. teaching their children to hate Palestinians, officials calling for the destruction of Palestine, etc.

  • songer singer

    sometime’s Richie You are just full of shit!! so You have never heard a bitter palestinian richie? as a person from The middle east i know a lot of arabs and palestinians and almost all offer them Hate and if They could they would destroy Israel, so come in Richie.

  • Charlie Chaplin

    I have a question for you Richie and your viewers. Why does Israel have the right to exist on occupied territory? The land wasn’t given up by the Palestinians so why should they accept an oppressive occupier? If the reason is to stop the killing and forced eviction by the Israeli western-backed cockroaches, I believe it’s the rights of all Palestinians to die on their feet protecting their land, rather than kneel and submit themselves to humiliation by these vermin.

    I do honestly believe the state of Israel will eventually be destroyed again as it was destroyed on previous occasions in the past. These usurpers have no claim to the land and are not the direct descendants of the original inhabitants.

    Final point you can’t be an oppressor and be loved at the same time under any circumstances.

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