NZ Elections: Does Your Vote Really Count? Part 2 The National Party

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NZ Elections Does Your Vote Really Count, Video 2 The National Party
In video one,
we showed the irrefutable proof,
that all New Zealand’s Prime Ministers since the late 70’s,
were members of globalist organisations & banks,
Whose shared agenda,
was to sell New Zealand’s strategic assets,
and undermine her sovereignty,

In part 2,
we are going to further back you into a corner,
So here it is again, just to reiterate,
Every single choice New Zealanders have made in previous elections,
has ensured the continuation of the same agenda,
a one world government.
Now we are obliged to demonstrate the pure, terrifying reality,
that regardless of what choice you make THIS election, or any other,
the exact same agenda will continue.

Research by Ben Vidgen Postman Investigates New Current affairs NZ Investigative News.
Narration & Video By Vinny Eastwood
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