Will NZ Be Forced To Have Fluoride In The Water? Dr Stan Litras

New Zealand health Boards To Forcibly Fluoridate Entire Country? Dr San Litras, Fluoride Free NZ


Dentist Stan Litras www.fluoridefree.org.nz
We discuss how NZ District Health Boards may now be given the power to force NZ to have Fluoride in it’s water!
We also explain what fluoride is, why it doesn’t work, what dangers it poses to your health, city pipes and anything else it comes into contact with!

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Watch On Youtube: Will NZ Be Forced To Have Fluoride In The Water? Dr Stan Litras https://youtu.be/iKnLhtCeivc


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  • Fiona Murphy

    The fact that those benefitting from this are behind any research behaind
    it speaks VOLUMES does it not. More govt LIE for the sheeple./ I do have
    concerns for his safety about this. We must make sure he and the rest who
    are speaking the truth are protected.

  • Fiona Murphy

    And his interpertation of lack of research is so well put. But that would
    reveal the truth if they did that. would it not!!!. Cant Dumb us down and
    kill us off if they tell the truth!!!!

  • Fiona Murphy

    I have come to understand there is a VERY dark entity over the DHB’s esp
    here in the wairarapa. But they are Military wards!!! Military industrial
    complex!! I HATE to think what has been done to people under anisthetic!!!!
    If he can wake people up to the fouride then the dots will start to
    connect, then the dominoes will fall. He is on his journey. as he says, he
    is finding out how easy it is to expose the lie. he is off down the rabbit
    hole. And hopefully those who must only listen to professionals will wake
    up also 😉 Oh and by the way every baby tooth in my head was black by the
    time I lost them. filled with fillings then rotting. My mother gave me
    flouride pills like a good wee puppit EVERY SINGLE DAY untill I lost all my
    teeth, and then only stopped due to me stopping taking them. due to the
    smell of them making me feel SICK!!!!!!!!. My children at 19 and 23 have
    not a hole in their teeth at all.

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