Rachel Summers – Liberals Are Modern Day Witch Hunters

Known as the Dropout Philosopher, Rachel Summers walked away from the Ivory Tower, spent a year in a motorcycle mechanics program, and started research for her first novel, CondAmnation, in a local Harley Davidson shop. Rachel holds degrees in History, Comparative Religions, English Literature, and Philosophy. She is currently writing her fourth novel as well as articles for The Revolutionary Conservative.

Rachel joins us for lively conversation on philosophy, social issues, and esotericism. We begin by discussing Rachel’s background, including her experience in academia. This leads to a discussion on Rachel’s ideological journey, and the thinkers that have had the most influence on her. We then discuss some of the defining themes in her books, including what Rachel refers to as “antinomian mysteriosophy”; this, according to Rachel, is a process whereby socially accepted morality is flipped on its head in order to reach a new level of understanding. This show also explores many other topics, including feminism, the left hand path, modern day witch hunts, and how the totalitarian Left can be defeated.

Guests Website: http://www.therevolutionaryconservative.com/

Books on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Rachel-Summers/e/B06X3XJ5RN/ref=dp_byline_cont_book_1

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About The Author


  • Lord Blackworth

    When I was studying history in college I wrote my one of senior research projects I was studying German submarine warfare and in doing so found the writings of Karl Donitz, Grand Admiral of the Kreigsmarine. He was treated incredibly poorly during the Nuremberg trials and served 10 years in prison for being in command of the German Navy.

  • Trav McDonald

    If a simple Deus Vult got her to “waste” her life creating a large family I guaranty she would have been a bitter old cat lady with the amount of propaganda taught in school.

  • Americanlife7022

    I disagree on only one thing. Nuremberg can happen again, it is now, everyday in the US. One prime example is the Bundy trial, right here in Las Vegas NV.

  • TheNekoman123

    I still despise the Nazis and I don’t care if I’m cucked or called a dirty jew lover.
    the Nazis are bad not because their ideology was deplorable. they are responsible for some of the most heinous offenses because they argued that we should fight the Bolshevism with blood for blood. they became the very enemy they despised. it doesn’t matter weather your symbol is the falcon or the hammer and sickle both ideologies are Inherently authoritarian both ideologies will claim democracy is failing so we must turn to communism or fascism. when in reality it is only those who seak power who want such ideologies in power.

  • Jew World Order

    The “Witch Hunting” is from the revolting Jewish Cultural Marxism they teach in Critical Theory class in which the only purpose is to criticize every aspect of western society, dismantle traditional family values, promote homosexuality and condone all that is degenerate and immoral.

  • Sparky

    It really doesn’t seem as if satanism is making this woman very happy.
    I wonder what it was that sent her down that path to begin with, rebelling from an early age etc.

  • TheMorbiousStone

    Well I’m Conservative & Christian & very far right & your pagan & witchcraft posts online are enough to be right every time ROTFL Let the witch trial begin again reprobates you go in the same oven as the jews

  • TheIrreverend

    Hey – now that ALL WHITE PEOPLE are automatically associated with ‘Nazism’ by their own Birthright, we are suddenly seeing a parallel on the part of the entire neo-fascist liberal movement in placing that same edict as those Depraved Commissars mentioned did (30:50), regarding those same women who “fit the description.”

    “Liberation” is DISGUSTING:


  • TheIrreverend

    36:15 – in “The Devil’s Notebook,” LaVey EXPLICITLY states that “Egalitarianism is bullshit.” Chapter on Stratification… Check it out!


    Sometimes you think you’re alone. Because I was called a Nazi and didn’t really know anything about it I started finding out. I found out that I was and more.

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