5 Mind-Blowing Spying Technologies

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Scientists and engineers can spend years of their lives in painstaking trial-and-error experimentation to develop a breakthrough new technology…and the military-industrial complex can find a way to militarize it in mere hours.

Sadly the military aren’t the only ones interested in the latest gadgets and inventions, though. The alphabet soup agencies are equally voracious for innovative new ways to spy on the public. Today let’s examine five of the most amazing technological breakthroughs…that are about to be turned into nightmarish spying tech.


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  • TA Videos

    I think the government and Federal, State, and City agencies can make
    people to talk while they are sleeping so that the government and the
    agencies can see and hear what you have in your mind.

  • DeEpicAnimeFan

    Rumors has it that David Rockefeller’s penis size is approximately 0.002
    inches when erect,and he is the actual person with the smallest penis in
    the world, the actual reason he spreads the Overpopulation myth to
    depopulate the planet is because every male on the planet has a larger
    penis than his.

  • Took the Red Pill

    Its not the police state. Its not the CFR, or the UN, or the Bilderbergers.
    Its the Jews. The jews run every single one of those things listed. In fact
    — just name any entity that is evil, such as the federal reserve, and you
    will have an organization that is mostly staffed by Free Masons and Jews.
    It was always the Jews. That’s why they’ve been booted from 109 regions and

  • Eric James Austin

    Old information.. So old. Its ancient. But, it is the most profitable
    business today. The regurgitation of the tid bit information, that the
    Average Person has of any of this is profitable for selling books. Having
    subscriptions to websites

    Lets be honest.

    Humanity would be COMPLETELY enslaved now, if there was not some “outside”
    help, because the real truth everyone desires to know, is so far beyond the
    average intellects ability to conceptualize, that it would still be Science
    fiction, which it is. For no matter how much research is done, how many
    Conspiracy books are sold, Theorist dont know shit, about the truth of what
    they live in, and as long as they dont seek outside of what they have
    already known for a long time, they NEVER WILL.

  • Wolves And Sheeple

    Great video. I love that they use bogus spy tech to then turn around and
    use civil forfeiture laws to pad their own wallets.

  • BiddieTube

    1. Your windows work far better than that plant, old technology. Many other
    items in your home work well too. The closer you are to it (them) the
    better they work.

    3. People volunteer for that, and yagh, stingrays are all over the place
    now. I do not volunteer for that, I have a landline.

    4. Tempest, something that I must study more, and will.

    5. Precisely why people want to have implants. If they do not want implants
    now, soon they will be camping in long lines overnight to be first to get
    one. They want to be mindread, controlled, etc remotely. I do not have a
    tv, radio, etc, and so I will not want an implant.

    6. I will add another real biggie to your list. Smart meters not only will
    send data about everything you interact with in your home, they will be
    sending data acquired form your computers too. This way, for people who do
    not offer that data already by having wifi capable computers, now they can
    monitor the rest. They will be developing a lot of tech to use in
    smartmeters (spymeters), and intel, apple and microsoft love to help out.

  • killgreed

    DUH. Creepy…all the info. from .. FB..etc.. Remember Eschlon early
    1990’s.. Thank you for how they do it on the surface..informative!

  • shubus

    I solved this spying problem, more or less, by moving out of the country to
    a much smaller one where we have no drones, stingrays, big radar emitters.
    Your mileage will vary if you live in a high tech country.

  • JohnnyBlade2000

    I’d like to run over the backscatter van with a Freightliner, frequency jam
    the Cessna’s, deflect the RF beam back at the lowlifes who’re pointing it
    at people and construct the ultimate tin foil hat to nullify brain scans.

  • Brett Baumgart

    The stingrays get used at protests to record/track those pesky civilians
    who exercise their constitutional right to peacefully protest

  • Ocho Cientos

    At the end of WW II the military was 30 years more advanced than the
    civilian populace. Exponential scientific curve with weight towards mass
    black funding. Military is at least 150 years more advanced than popular
    thought. The year is NOT 2016, Dorthey

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