George Soros Engineered Race War Begins

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  • Overthrow N.W.O

    Look up Daniel Friberg. He’s the founder of the ‘Alt Right’ and another Jewish shit starter. He also gives money to Antifa and is close with the leader of Antifa in Sweden Mathias Wag.

  • Bryan Kye

    George is a dumb ass, you can’t start a race war; all the white Chics here in Arkansas have had babies with black daddies.

  • Overthrow N.W.O

    They complain about the Confederate statues and want them removed yet no one says a thing about the huge statue of Jew mass murderer Vladimir Lenin that stands in Seattle right near a Masonic temple. Lenin was responsible for the murder of 60+ million predominantly white Russians.

  • Annex Canada

    i use to fall for the race baiting, then i wised up… *”content of character”* ….except islam, but islam is an idea not a race…cheers from Canada Chad!

  • SeniorSabe

    Only thing to do is shine more light on those that are attempting to bring civil war to our nation… they are COWARDS and DECEIVERS. They can’t stand in the light of TRUTH because, like their leader (Satan), they live on accusations and division. Why is it the only ones that want to actually UNITE are the Christians/Conservatives? So ironic and sad that we give these minions hold high ranks in office and in our media

  • Lidya Lu

    That black girl in video w Someone else’s hair has some guts abnoxios
    She’s a racist that’s why you are there
    Black people are killing each other daily
    Like Chicago 700 in less then a year
    N destroying thier own neighborhoods!!!!
    They don’tever address that or change

    Leftied are so racist and evil but call kettle black
    N are the same as any other trash racist group
    No brains at work at all
    I hate all racist groups black or white
    But darn what hypocrisy
    Blk movement I a disgrace
    And joke

  • Ibrahim Ljusebring

    where ever you go, or any site on internet you visit, everyone is shouting : “SOROS” As if he was some kind of lord or Hitler. DO SOMETHING, DEMONSTRATE, PROTEST AGAINST SOOOOOROOOOS, YOU NEED HUUUGE SIGNS WITH HE’S NAME ON IT, AND WITH A MESSAGE. it’s ok, you didnt think about it, soo go now, try again.

  • Lidya Lu

    Do you not see what is going on in Africa
    White peoples are so overwhelmed
    While African people kill each other n rape
    It’s ready for collapse!!
    Keep talking blk movement
    You are the problem
    I thought it was blk movement was a group to build up n strengthen communities

    Yeah right! Opposite
    Looks like hood rats from ghetto w ghetto mamas n again destroying anything they feel like just like thier neighborhoods!!


    White supremacist love to point the finger at George Soros. If soros was really the problem trump would have his ass in chains. And to compare people who are against white supremacist to Isis. Only shows your white supremacist propaganda bullshit. I guess all the proud Nazis was not enough evidence for amtv and info wars. Salute to the commander and chief for calling out the trash.

  • MonaLisa Diliberto

    charles manson is n prison laughing cause some1 else is implementing his plan…all we r missin is pigs written n blood..this is the same recycled shit, we did not fall 4 it then. but we r now. some1 liked the idea & made conditions rite. stay n love it is the only way 2 defeat evil.

  • Dylan Whitney

    MLK jr is anti nationalist and anti American imperialist and also MLK jr is communist …

    The US didn’t fight Nazis, we embraced them… Lookup operation paperclip

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