The day the establishment declared war on the Alt-Right. #UniteTheRight was hijacked. Will it be the sting operation that changes the political landscape in America forever or will the Alt-Right come out the other end stronger and more influential?

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  • emotep

    Just wanted to say, congrats to Lana and Henrik on the wee-one! I’m a bit jealous, imagine how awesome it’s gonna be to have Henrik and Lana as your parents?! The Aryan Powercouple!
    And yeah, you guys should try to get Faith Goldy. She clearly would fit in well. Hell, I bet us members would be willing to donate if you need money to make it happen. You guys really need an on-the-field reporter type, and she’s great at it. Another female in the AR is great too.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    The unite the right rally (excluding the girl’s death) was almost necessary in a way, the more i dissect these past few months with the ongoing censorship and the more prevalent alt-lite counter signalling that’s been happening.The more i begin to think that this may lead to a bigger future for the Alt-Right. The Left is doing our work for us, red pilling many Americans forcing them to choose a side on race and history, closing the gap of libertarians and the Alt-right.

    On top of making new sites and new outlets for us to speak, I think the best strategy for us now is to turn on some of these voices in the alt-lite. Their dog piling on the aftermath of the rally is hurting us and taking away many libertarian sympathizers with their leftist race pandering. I can only hope Spencer re-brands, re-strategises and gets back into speaking at universities. New image without the baggage is needed, similar to “Generation Identity”. New Language is definitely needed as well.
    ( European American)

  • Jaco van der Merwe

    Why the hell is this age restricted and why don’t I have any options on the YouTube app to copy the link?

  • Joss Ambrose

    I’m sure I’ll get a lot of hatred for this but… I DON’T agree with white supremacy. I DO think it would be a shame for ANY race of people, or traditional culture, to be wiped from the face of the earth… Perhaps that makes me an ethno-nationalist or something. I dunno, I just hate seeing hatred – and the worst offenders right now are the far Left.

    Antifa needs to be declared a terror group internationally… and so does any extremist group that uses violence to push its agenda forward. People get injured and die because of that shit.

    I despise Islamic terror, but I’ll give Sharia law this much… I’d gladly see members of Antifa get their hands chopped off as punishment for maiming the many people that they have. Perhaps they’d think twice about being arseholes. I’m not taking away their free speech, just their current “right” to cause another human being grievous bodily harm, and get away with it.

  • Dany Varna

    The commie fgts have already flagged he video. It already requires age confirmation in order to play. They have lost the debate and can now only try to censor us 🙂

  • sumthin5

    I have serious doubts about Jason Kessler. I think hes a deep state plant. He used to be an Obama supporter ffs and he’s a self described anarchist.

  • Athena Muir

    “When we get ready to take the United States, we will not take it under the label of Communism; we will not take it under the label of Socialism. These labels are unpleasant to the American people, and have been speared too much. We will take the United States under labels we have made very loveable; we will take it under Liberalism, under Progressivism, under Democracy. But, take it we will.” ~Alexander Trachtenberg~ JEW, (1885-1966), National Convention of Communist Parties, Madison Square Garden, 1944

  • Lawrence Newman

    If you’re white and you oppose white nationalists, you have a pathology. When whites become a small minority, do you think whites will be safe and treated equally? Look at South Africa if you’re struggling to answer that question.

  • Adam Adams

    White people have meeting about survival.

    Get attacked by Communists, The Police, The Army, The Government and The Media. *HEY ANTI-WHITES!! WE JUST WANT TO LIVE!!! LEAVE US ALONE!!!!*

  • örölörö plöötplööt

    And you should never back down. You were under geared and un-organized. Trump administration vs deep state. The civil war is already happening, just not fully spread to the nation.

  • Alual66

    God Poland is like safe heaven compare what is happening in USA…I mean don’t get me wrong but the left wing/marxist have poisoned the states so much I fear how it’s gonna look like in the future, Alt Right are Paladyns who need to fight forces of evil.

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