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  • Tony Franchise CA

    Life in America is bad ass. Fuck Antifa but it isn’t all doom & gloom. Y’all need a vacay or turn off the politics for a bit lol

  • alex jones

    Jim Marrs in his book our occulted history was stating that 50 corporations own the other 147. It was actually a Swiss study done.

  • Lonnie Dobbins

    Most of the top FBI personal was appointed by Bush.
    Obama’s appointments being blocked.
    *The same FBI that stopped all the terrorist attacks by black people ?*
    *This does sounds exactly like the same that was done to the black individuals.*

  • KELLI2L2

    Steamit sign up sucks…
    I entered a NEW startup account name /password, then phone number…
    And they didn’t allow capital letters in the account name box ~ why the heck not! 👎👎👎

  • KlllrJay

    Luke you are my favorite Journalist.
    People like you are hard to find.
    Forget about the trolls they might be with the FBI to.

  • davet11

    Sorry Luke but I had to give up with steemit…..their password recovery is defunct and won’t allow setting up a new account on an existing mobile phone number. I tried.

    I thought you would at least mention the other major news story from Spain on the day the Moroccan Muslim slaughtered 15 people and maimed scores more……that was also the day Spain “rescued” 600 Moroccan migrants.

    Gee, I wonder if there’s a connection?

    Great stuff as always Luke – thanks. I think steemit has to become more user friendly before it becomes a viable alternative.

  • mick park

    The FBI is the terrorist , your enemy from within, what a pack of barstards and you pay them and give them medals.This chump probably stuffed it up so they had to take him down or push the button themselves. Rotten to the core!A bomber runs into the crowd screaming USA,USA !

  • Freedom Johnson

    Wow, you’re knowledgeable articulate in a common mans way and spot on in your analysis. But how do we transition from information to action? I’m worried, no matter who we vote for nothing changes. Their greed increases perpetually, power consolidated into fewer hands, any dissent is being squashed. How do we change this?

  • KELLI2L2

    Why do alphabet 🔤 agencies take hold of mentally ill guys to pin terrorist attacks on? This isn’t the first time.
    Easy pickins I suppose… But that whole story is strange. If the parents knew the FBI was recruiting their son why didn’t they say something to someone to expose that?! Story isn’t believable ❗
    These agencies fake attacks, while totally letting real terrorist (supposedly ON THE WATCH LIST) slip thru their fingers❓
    Some stories are just too stupid to be real… 👎

  • Mr Oecrec

    Holy shit, what insane story! Hey Luke your hands don’t need to be karate chopping there the whole time, that being said you do an amazing job!

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